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VIDEO: Kanye West “Monster” f/ Rick Ross, Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeezy finally let’s go of the official “Monster” video that was basically banned from TVsort of. Before the video kicks off, the following disclaimer can be seen/read:

“The following content is no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.”

Misogyny is defined as “a hatred of women.” Judging from all the corpses of women in the clip, affection or adoration of females doesn’t exactly come to mind, making that disclaimer seem insincere. Just saying. But great art is supposed to spark discussion or debate. So mission accomplished, right? Maybe, buy Ye has created much better videos.

Also, Nicki’s verse is good, but Jay-Z’s is the best. [Spotted at 2DopeBoyz via Yeezy’s Spot]

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Kanye West “Runaway” Film

The beats bang, though. [Shout to Blow Hip Hop TV]

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Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Fridays Artwork

UPDATE, YET AGAIN: Added “Take One For The Team” and “Don’t Look Down” artwork.

UPDATE, AGAIN: Added Child Rebel Soldier “Don’t Stop” [via LupEND].

UPDATE: Added the latest G.O.O.D. Fridays delivery, “So Apalled” & “Christian Dior Denim Flow” below.

After his Taylor Swift and Hennessey inspired hiatus, Kanye West has returned with a vengeance. XXL Mag cover, outlandish Horus chain, buzzworthy VMA performances and of course, getting quizzical shots fired at him by Dipset.  While the hoopla continues to swirl about Mr. West, I’ve come to appreciate the graphic design of the artwork for his singles (black background with the occasional watermark and bold red lettering). Check your Twitter feed and you’ll see many avatars either swiping them or using them as inspiration. And of course, would be MCs are jacking them wholesale for their own work.

Here is all of Kanye’s artwork for his G.O.O.D. Fridays leaks with download links for each song. Said links probably won’t last very long. So get them while the getting is G.O.O.D. Except for that ish with Beiber—I wouldn’t share that with my worst enemy. Kanye’s fifth album Good Ass Job Dark Twisted Fantasy My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is now due November 16, for now.

Kanye West “Don’t Look Down” f/ Mos Def, Big Sean & Lupe Fiasco


Kanye West “Take One For The Team” f/ Kanye West, Pusha T, & Cyhi Da Prince & Keri Hilson

Child Rebel Soldier “Don’t Stop!


Kanye West “Dior Denim Flow” f/ Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie

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All-Black Penguin

All black everything...

This super-rare, all-black penguin must listen to plenty of Jay-Z, obviously. [The Daily Beast]

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Amber Rose vs Grace Jones


Everybody’s linking to Kanye West’s freshly re-launched site. Gentleman with healthy libidos are no doubt noting Amber Rose’s photo in this here post (photo below). My younger sis pointed out to me that Grace Jones (above) freaked it better years ago (’85); on the cover to her Island Life album.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but often robbery too. No shots.

UPDATE: According to Complex Magazine EIC Noah Callahan-Bever the Rose photo is an outtake from one of their shoots.

Suddenly have the urge to watch Boomerang

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After 10 Long Years…

After 10 long years, I think I’ve had it…“—Irene Reid
Was bumping this and that line from the late Irene Reid stood out, for obvious reasons; the aughts are a wrap in about 24 hours. It was a very good year, like Sinatra would say.
Flipped prominently by Kanye West for Lil Kim’s “Came Back for You.”

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Kanye West’s Pastelle is a Wrap


Damn, Kanye West’s Pastelle had just dropped a “look book,” of sorts, yesterday. It was was over before it started. Seems like the only rap cats left with a feasible—and purposefully misspelled—clothing line are Clipse with Play Cloths.

Nope, I’m not counting Roc-a-Wear or anything hawked by any other rappers with questionable at best taste in clothing.


Pastelle by Kanye West | Never Coming Out [High Snobiety]

Discontinued: Kanye West Ditches Clothing Line [Racked]

Kanye’s Pastelle Line Dropping Neveruary 32nd? [Nah Right]


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Video: Consequence “Whatever U Want” f/ Kanye West + John Legend

Consequence and his Grammy Family (Kanye “I’ma Let You Finish” West & John “My Last Name is Really Stephens” Legend) drops the video for “Whatever You Want.” Directed by Hype Williams and it’s from Cons’ upcoming album, Cons TV. Short and sweet. [Thanks to The Sowmya Life]

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When Keepin’ It Kanye Goes Wrong

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just had to use that line. And to think, I had just been touting the merits of Yeezy not too long ago. The apology has already been made, via his blog. At this time an RIP to Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Hip-Hop’s best award show bumrusher by far, is also in order. [Spotted at MTV]


Kanye Is A Whiny Bitch Tee

Blame it on the...

Blame it on the...

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Kanye Is A Whiny Bitch Tee



I’ve been over my qualms with Kanye West and his malarkey for a long while now. For one, there really is no point in stressing another grown mans’n’ems antics. And for deuce, all I really care for when it pertains to the dude is his beats (they pretty much always bang) and bars (peep his verse on Cudi’s “Make Her Say” (below) or the two (maybe three) on “Gone” (shout to BK Cyph who I discussed that with) from Late Registration).

In fact, Martin Louis the King Jr. [ugh] is one of the few mainstream artists that obviously takes the time to think about what he’s saying in his verses before he throws them out there. But, the point of this post is that the heads at Freshjive are about to win with their Kanye is a Whiny Bitch tee. With all the folks dedicated to disliking Yeezy, it’s a can’t lose design. [Peeped at C to the JL]

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