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A Festivus For the Rest of Us!

Happy Festivus everybody! 2011 was a great year, so I’ll pass on the Airing of the Grievances.

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Video: The Roots x Earth Day for Honda Promo

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The Roots, Honda Civic and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” hook up to celebrate Earth Day in rhyme. This will certainly not help the Philly Hip-Hop band get rid of that “tree hugger” badge. Am I the only one who remembers a Volkswagen commercial that featured the Roots song “Dynamite!” (produced by Jay Dee/J. Dilla) and an And 1 commercial that featured ?uestlove drumming? How are those not on YouTube? [Spotted at OkayPlayer after #slander from the homie @Timmhotep]

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VIDEO: ThunderCats Anime Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming ThunderCats reboot is #winning. As long as Panthro still sounds like a soul brother, I’m good.

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Pauly D x Dirty Sneakers x Formula 409

#1. “I’m over here trying to clean my sneakers. I can’t concentrate. All this fighting…like, they’re talking about f**king relationships, my sneakers are dirty!”—Pauly D

#2. Pauly D, of The Jersey Shore infamy, is using Formula 409 to clean his kicks.

Salute that man.

How To Dress Like The Situation & Pauly D From Jersey Shore [Complex]

Pauly D Admits To Owning More Than $30,000 In Sneakers [Celebrific]

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VIDEO: Esurance $522 Bucks Commercial

Now this, is funny. Whoever created this ad for Esurance is either a slang head or up on Urban Dictionary heavy. Don’t forget “ducats,” though. But the win is: “Simoleans!”

On a semi-tangent, the clip reminded me of old Tommy Boy rap act Phase ‘N Rhythm. Their joint “Swollen Pockets” used to get burn and its video (below) can be seen via the magic of YouTube.

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VIDEO: Aloe Blacc “I Need A Dollar” Live On Jimmy Fallon

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Aloe Blacc absolutely killed his performance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” Most crooners would have been gasping for breath after the first couple of moves and their voices would have been cracking like they were 13. Hard to believe this was his first time on national TV. Stop snoozing folks; Aloe’s R&B debut Good Things is available now. The Roots on the beats, obviously. [Nod to The Smoking Section via Yardie]

VIDEO: Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar”

Luis Guzman x Rasta Monsta x How to Make It in America

Please Don’t Call The Roots A House Band

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VIDEO: “The Walking Dead” Official Trailer

The AMC Channel’s The Walking Dead, based on the comic book of the same title, premieres Sunday and looks like it’s going to be official business. A zombie series on cable…let’s not muck this up.

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The Real Booty Warrior x The Boondocks

The A Date With the Booty Warrior episode of The Boondocks from a couple of weeks back isn’t one of this final season’s best [that would be “Pause”. Or what I prefer to call, “Tyler Perry, lost.”]. But, the titular character from the Booty Warrior episode, Fleece Johnson, should strike fear in the hearts of men, and their sphincters. Turns out he is based on a real inmate (see above) first seen on MSNBC’s Lock Up series.

Yet another reason, as if you really needed any, to keep your ass out of the bing, literally. They should add this vid to the Scared Straight curriculum.


Is Tyler Perry Firing His Entire Staff Over The Boondocks Episode? [Urban Daily]

Riley’s Moment Of Truth [The Smoking Section]

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Boondocks Season 3 Promo: Tiger Woods Parody

HIGHlarious. Good advice, too. Just saying.

The Boondocks is back May 2, 2010. Trailer below with Jay Electronica as the soundtrack. FTW.

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VIDEO: Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar”

We all do. Good to see Aloe Blacc getting his propers for “I Need a Dollar,” the first single from his upcoming Good Things (Stones Throw) album and the opening theme song for HBO’s How to Make It In America. Above is the infectious catchy tune’s smooth video; the song at the tail end is “Take Me Back.”

The homie Trent at Beats and Rants keenly compares Blacc’s voice to Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye. Not sure about the latter—maybe early Marvin—but spot on with the former. I could see Blacc killing a remake of “Lovely Day” or “Just the Two of Us” (no Will Smith).

If you’re unfamiliar, look up music from Emanon, Blacc’s Hip-Hop group with producer Exile.


Luis Guzman x Rasta Monsta x How to Make It in America

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