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FRESHNESS: The Doppelgangaz



The Doppelgangaz call themselves a “ghastly” duo, a better word may be “famished.” These two, Matter ov Fact and EP, sound like their stomachs are touching their backs; resulting is quality Hip-Hop music.

The Smoking Section highlighted their thoroughly fresh “Good Hygiene” while the The Ghastly Duo EP [MediaFire] they dropped a little while back is worth checking. The beats have a steady, bop inducing appeal (check “Raw N Rugged”) and the funnily self-deprecating rhymes are capable. The strongest tracks are the marauding “2012 or Forever” [listen below, sounds like the drums were jacked from “Paid In Full”] and the suave “Raw N Rugged (Smooth Mix).”″

These two upstate New Yorkers are signed to Six Figga Entertainment; lead by producer Darrell “Digga” Branch (who is responsible for joints like Cam’Ron’s “357,” Jay-Z’s “What They Gonna Do, Pt. II” and 50 Cent’s “Many Men”). It’s a safe bet Digga has good taste and you get the feeling his signees are only just tapping into their potential.

It’s a little too early to call how far The Doppelgangaz are going to go in this frazzled rap game (their  debut album will be called  2012: The New Beginning) . But it’s already shaping up to be a journey worth witnessing listening to.

Tracklist and DL link after break…

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Ghostface Killah: Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

The Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

The Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

Yep, I still feel a ways about the blatant misspelling of “Ghost Deini.” Oh well. Bet Ghost is happy he doesn’t have any Timbaland tracks. Album drops September 29.

Video for “Baby” below, larger pic after the break

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ghostface Killah X Wizard of Poetry Sampler

Raekwon “House of Flying Daggers” Video

Ghostface Says Jay-Z Ruined “She’s A Killer” [Rap Radar]

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Raekwon “House of Flying Daggers” Video

“Still got gear in the closet that’s stupid live…” -Ghostface

Come on, the name of this blog is Slang Rap Democracy so you know I had to post the vid for “House of Flying Daggers” off g.p. Dilla X Wu-Tang wins again. [Spotted at Nah Right]

I sway between which is better—Ironman or Supreme Clientele—weekly, so their cartoon/anime inspired videos for “Daytona 500” and “Mighty Healthy,” respectively, are below.

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The Warriors: Street Brawl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dude in the video is Jeff Dickson, a producer at Paramount, the people putting out a new video game called The Warriors: Street Brawl. The important point here is that said video game is based on The Warriors, the best Hip-Hop movie with no actual Hip-Hop in it, ever.

The Warriors: Street Brawl is a side scroller, unlike the open ended The Warriors video game that Rockstar dropped a few years back. Only 10 beans and downloadable? I may have to cop a XBox 360 after all.

It’s been thirty years since the Walter Hill directed film this new video game is based on premiered. Along my ability to quote the entire film verbatim I have plenty to say on this topic. However, I wrote an essay on this subject for the fall issue of Antenna Magazine, so I’ll hold off on another Why The Warriors is that deal spiel, for now. Hopefully the story made the cut and the mag will be on newsstands soon. Props for the Double Dragon mention too. Loved that game. [Peeped at G4 TV]


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Kanye Is A Whiny Bitch Tee



I’ve been over my qualms with Kanye West and his malarkey for a long while now. For one, there really is no point in stressing another grown mans’n’ems antics. And for deuce, all I really care for when it pertains to the dude is his beats (they pretty much always bang) and bars (peep his verse on Cudi’s “Make Her Say” (below) or the two (maybe three) on “Gone” (shout to BK Cyph who I discussed that with) from Late Registration).

In fact, Martin Louis the King Jr. [ugh] is one of the few mainstream artists that obviously takes the time to think about what he’s saying in his verses before he throws them out there. But, the point of this post is that the heads at Freshjive are about to win with their Kanye is a Whiny Bitch tee. With all the folks dedicated to disliking Yeezy, it’s a can’t lose design. [Peeped at C to the JL]

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Video: Skinny Jeans (The World’s Gone Mad)

The hook says it all…

“The world’s gone mad, the world’s gone drag/Boys in their little sister’s jeans like, ‘Damn’!”

Therundmc vid is courtesy of the The Protracktorz, featuring The Incomparable Shakespeare. Let the record show that many of your favorite rappers wore “snug” jeans back in the day (see left). However, said pioneers weren’t taking it to the the extreme, painted on, yeast infection inducing limits of  today. Let the boys breathe. [II]

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Ghostface Killah X Wizard of Poetry Sampler

Brollic scholars...

Brollic scholars...

Got this sampler for Ghostface’s upcoming Wizard of Poetry: Emerald City album in the mail, so I thought I’d share. I ain’t even mad at the Lloyd and John Legend featured joints, though they are snippets. Meanwhile, Paisley Fontaine’s storytelling is in effect on “Forever” and it’s obvious what groove he’s spittin’ over on “Computer Love.”

Also, isn’t it supposed to be spelled Ghost Deini? Lastly, GFK is probably the only MC who can get away with calling his R&B flavored Hip-Hop album The Wizard of Poetry.

Ghostface Killah The Wizard of Poetry Sampler [Sharebee]


“Baby” f/ Raheem “Radio” DeVaughn
“He’s A Gonner (I Got Ya)” f/ Lloyd (snippet)
“Let’s Stop Playin'” f/ John Legend (snippet)
“Computer Love”


Ghost Deini in Sound

GFK Speaks On Doing An Album With Rae & Meth [Rap Radar]

Ghostface, I Love You [What Would Thembi Do?]

Ghostface Talks Style [Street Level]

PICS: Ghostface ft. Raheem DeVaughn – Baby (Video Shoot) [Nah Right]

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Genuine Tru Blood


No need to microwave...

As a fan of HBO’s True Blood I will be purchasing some bottles of “genuine” Tru Blood off g.p. Actually, they don’t come in O+, B- or any blood type variation; it’s pretty much blood orange flavored soda. But a definite conversation starter.

I still think Sookie’s loose cannon antics are worthy of at least a firm shaking. It’s not like she could survive two hits to the dome with a flat screen TV like LorenaBill’s surly maker—after all. [Spotted at Uncrate]

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G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s Set


Truth be told, I still feel a ways that Roadblock, one of the few African-American “Joes,” spoke in rhyme. However, G.I. Joe was still a after-school staple during my formative years. Besides Transformers and Thundercats, and Video Music Box, of course.

Therefore this G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s set will be at the top of many an 80’s baby’s wish lists. Besides every episode of the G.I. Joe cartoon spread out over 17 DVDs, the set includes the PSA’s [“And knowing is half the battle.”], a 1GB flash drive/dog-tag, a pair of comics and other goodies. All kept neatly in an Army green foot locker.

Hopefully being old enough to remember watching the cartoon on the television means you grew up and got a job. The set costs $145. [Spotted at Uncrate]


G.I Joe Resolute [Note: this is like G.I. Joe for adults; freshness.] [Hasbro]

10 Best & Worst Dressed G.I. Joe Action Figures [Street Level]

The First Real Look at G.I. Joe’s Metal Bad Boy [io9]

G.I. Joe Snake Eyes X New Era 59Fifty [The Smoking Section]

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adidas Originals Consortium Rod Laver Collection

adidas Rod Laver X DQM

adidas Rod Laver X DQM

My high regard for adidas Rod Lavers is well documented. So excuse me while I shake in excitement at this absolutely banoodles collection of Rod Lavers via the adidas Original Consortium.

The “Consortium” consists of brands like NYC’s Dave’s Quality Meat (pause—yes, I’m immature), LimitEDitions out of Spain, VA via Tokyo and LA’s Undefeated. Besides an OQ take on the current version via adidas itself, all the aforementioned brands added their own unique flair to the iconic sneaker. The DQM’s chocolate styling are my favorites. More pics below. [all jacked from Hypebeast]


Rod Laver X Undefeated

Rod Laver X V.A.

Rod Laver X V.A.

Rod Laver X TK

Rod Laver X LimitEDitions


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