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Don Cornelius on the Soul Train Line

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Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Soul Train in the 70’s. Icons like Barry White, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan performing (yeah, a lot of lip syncing, but no matter) and the dancers rocking vintage moves with some of the snazziest, and most outrageous, vines imaginable. I spotted the above clip of Don Cornelius hitting the infamous Soul Train line with Mary Wilson (“The Supreme with the most seniority,” says Cornelius) over at Idolator.

Alas, too bad it turns out DC has been getting his Chris Brown on. And considering dude is 72 years old, laying hands on a female, allegedly, isn’t a random coincidence. Below, Rev. Al Green rocking Soul Train with “Love & Happiness” (live).

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A Different World X Chris Brown

Don’t know why I was thinking about A Different World specifically, but then Chris Bumbaclat Brown came to mind too (you really can’t avoid the topic due to his assorted shenanigans). The odd juxtaposition (ground breaking & inspiring African-American targeting sitcom Vs. a frikkin’ nugget) made me remember an episode of the Cosby Show spinoff that dealt with domestic violence. After a quick Wikipedia perusal I found that the episode was from its 5th season and was titled “Love Taps.”

If you don’t want to sit through the entire vid:

At 3:40 Freddie mentions seeing a woman getting beaten by a man the night before, but her pleas to have it discussed are initially dismissed.

Then at 5:38 the woman getting knocked about (Lena, who I will think of whenever I hear “When the Saints Go Marching In”) asks her idiot boyfriend what makes him hit her, as if she had it coming.

cbrellaHmm, this whole thing sound too familiar? This episode was aired April 23, 1992. At the time it definitely made me think about men laying their hands on woman. Though, I knew better off g.p. since my dear mother gave me proper home training. Something Chris Clown obviously lacks, allegedly.

At the conclusion of this episode, the boyfriend get his comeuppance: After Dr. War’s son (sporting a possible future Kanye West look) calls the cops, Lena agrees to file a report/press charges. My sisters, my sisters, it’s easier said than done but cutting those zeros is a must.

Shout out to Oprah at 2:35 (below)


Chris Brown’s manager Tina Davis denies have sextual encounters with her client. [via Miss Info]

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Ghost Deini in Sound (UPDATED)

Radio stop frontin' on me.

Radio stop frontin' on me.

Ghostface f/ Novel “Message from Ghostface” [Via Nah Right]

“‘Cobra Clutch’ was abstract, an abstract joint. People get me twisted and sh*t. See I created a style when I did ‘Nutmeg’ and ‘One’ and all the other sh*t. I was in Africa and I was like, ‘Yo I’ma make a rhyme not meaning nothing.’  Just put words together but what the sentence might mean, might not got nothing to do for nothing. I did it on ‘Nutmeg’ and the first verse on ‘One’ and all the other sh*t. People started getting me confused. Like, ‘Damn I don’t know what he’s talking about.’ But it wasn’t meant for you to know what I was talking about cause it was just a style that I created. So people f*cked around and got caught. Yeah, I don’t know what he talking about and this and that and a third.”

Ghostface “Cobra Clutch”

I’ve interviewed and written about a gang of MC/rappers/idiots with deals over the years. One of my favs was this interview with Ghostface Killah for AllHipHop, where I nabbed the quote above from.

It wasn’t one of those interviews were I get deep into what makes Ghost tick, his demons or the reasoning behind his favorite colored paired Wallabees. Instead I went over some key tracks from Paisley Fontaine’s discography and asked him to detail the motivation behind each one. I think it came off pretty good. Pause.

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Jay-Z X Hard Knock Life X CB 2 Piece & Biscuit

Knockout Blow. Pause.

Knockout Blow. Pause.

Absolute comedy. (via Upper Playground)

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