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Native Tongue x A Tribe Called Quest x New Birth

Despite the tit for tat that Q-Tip and Michael Rapaport are currently engaging in, the documentary they are riffing about, Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest is phenomenal. I said as much, though I’d like to think more eloquently, on A moment that stood out for me in the flick is when Q-Tip described how Tribe’s extended crew of family (starting with Jungle Brothers and De La Soul) came up with the name Native Tongue.*

The story goes that the Abstract was at Baby Afrika’s crib cutting up a New Birth record that says “took away our native tongue.” After some digging—through the wonderful world of Google—I figured out the specific song in question is called “African Cry”  [pay attention at the 0:32 mark below] from the Funk/Soul band’s 1972 album Coming Together. The record itself is deep; its soulful lyrics recount African’s getting stolen from their lands and being shipped across the sea and into slavery, over a funky bass line and wailing horns.

I found the MP3 of “African Cry,” which I feel obliged to share since Coming Together seems to be out print (I couldn’t even find it on YouTube). Get it while the gettings are good, to paraphrase ATCQ’s “Ham N’ Eggs.” If you’re so inclined, seek out the entire album because it’s a winner.

Download: The New Birth “African Cry” [Mediafire]

*Note, I’m of the school of thought that when used correctly—though even some members jack it up—the “tongue” is singular. The homie Keith Murphy wrote a great story on the influential crew for Vibe Magazine about four years back.


Helped on on this too. -> Top 30 Greatest A Tribe Called Quest Songs []

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VIDEO: ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Featurette

I had my doubts when it was first announced that a live action Captain America flick was coming to theaters. But Captain America: The First Avenger is now clearly a must see. Featurette above talks about the lore of Cap’s shield, and it seems like these cats really “get” it.

Official trailer below. Marvel wins again.[Spotted at Punchbowl Blog]

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-Ray)

You just have to wait until September 2011 for the Star Wars “The Complete Saga” boxed set in all its Blu-Ray splendor. But, you can already pre-order it on Amazon for 90 beans. If only George Lucas would remove Jar Jar Binks the way NewSouth Books is removing the N-word from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn… [The Force is with Uncrate]

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VIDEO: Nas – TDK Chronicles

Nas and TDK teamed up to create a short film about his childhood experience. In the preview clip above, God’s Son details the not so easy task of taping different radio stations back in the day. Nas’ film is directed by Jonathan Mannion and will debut on January 19. No word about whether that story about the tech on the dresser made the cut.

And this is as good excuse as any to post the criminally underrated “Thief’s Theme.”

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VIDEO: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Captain Jack Sparrow rocking with mermaids, zombies and Black Beard. This is a win. Penelope Cruz gets the thumbs up to because I always found Keira Knightley to be hella annoying anyway. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, due May 20 on IMAX. [via io9]

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VIDEO: Beats, Rhymes & Fights: The History of A Tribe Called Quest

UPDATE, again: Let’s see how long the vid lasts this time…

UPDATE: The vid was here, I swear, but was removed. Will post as soon as (if?) it returns. Rap Radar with the save.

Since A Tribe Called Quest is  arguably easily one of Hip-Hop’s most influential groups,  Beats, Rhymes and Fights is a must see. By the trailer it looks like it’s not going to a sugarcoated affair either. Native Tongue devotee rejoice. Put together by NYC native and actor Micheal Rapaport aka Remy from Higher Learning and whatever his name was in Zebrahead. [Props to Potholes In My Blog via Nah Right]

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Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

The mighty Bruce Lee would have been 70 years old today (November 27). Which makes it as good a time as any to say that Enter the Dragon is one of the greatest martial arts films ever. The soundtrack, courtesy of the esteemed Lalo Schifrin, is nothing to sneeze at, too. Respect.

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VIDEO: RZA, GZA & Bill Murray x Coffee and Cigarettes

“And you’re Bill Murray…Bill Groundhog Day, Ghostbusting ass Murray!”—GZA/Genius

“Are you a bug Bill Murray?”—RZA

Was reading a feature story on Bill Murray in GQ and his OG film Stripes happens on television at the moment—all which reminds me of the greatness of the above scene from Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes.

The conversation revolves around the RZA’s prowess with herbal medicine, Bill Murray experiencing delirium and the GZA decrying the effects of too much caffeine. It all makes perfect sense, really. Chill on the citric acid, ya know?

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VIDEO: Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene

Already great news that the Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-Ray in late 2011, but this deleted scene from Revenge Return of the Jedi trumps that announcement.

Luke completes his Jedi training. Excuse me while I watch this repeatedly… [Spotted at Vulture]


Top 10 Moments From Star Wars Celebration V [io9]

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Star Wars Condom

You have only begun to discover your power.

Translates to “I will not be your father.” Gotta love the Maury Povich meets Darth Vader steez.

The French get a W for this one. [Spotted at io9]

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