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Nike SB P-Rod III Commercial (Extended Version)

Love. This commercial.

As for Paul Rodriguez’s latest kicks, eh.

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Lasonic iPod Boombox

20 D batteries not necessary...

20 D batteries not necessary...

This iPod Boombox courtesy of Lasonic definitely brings back memories. The contraption lets you plug in just about any iPod and is available at Honeyee (which is in Japanese, so good luck with that.) It sports a built-in FM tuner and the 12 Watt speakers delivers respectable sound  but the ol’ skool ghetto blasters of the day delivered way more power. Still, not bad for about $170.

Growing up in The Bronx in the 80’s meant that hearing a ghetto blaster at all times of the day and night was a way of life. Great for me and my fast developing devotion to the sounds of BDP and PE. Not so much for the older heads requesting that infernal racket be lowered.

The question no one asks, though: How much did Duracell/Energizer/etc. make off of selling all those D batteries? Word to Radio Raheem.

While in college I snatched the old JVC my dad managed to keep in working condition. Like most radios of that time it featured a phono input which allowed me to plug in my mixer and get my skills up on the turntables. Still can’t believe I forgot to take it with me when I graduated and returned to NYC. [Spotted at Hypebeast]

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Pac Div + DJ Khalil = DOOM

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pretty much what the title says. Spotted by the homie Timmhotep Aku (via IMadeItInc.)


Pac Div Talk New Mixtape, Jordan History & Bad Day Jobs [Complex]

Pac Div X The Deal Freestyle

Pac Div X Church League Champions (Download)

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Big Sean “Getcha Some” Video

The song that got dude noticed when it was on a Kanye West mixtape TWO years ago (though, there is an additional verse and the mix has been tweaked a bit since then.) Also, that’s a lot of BAPE. [Spotted at The Smoking Section]


Big Sean in XXL

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Cory Gunz X Big Pun X Shaq

So that kid Cory Gunz can rhyme with the best of them, as seen in the clip above. However, what grabbed my attention was in the interview portion (below) where Peter Gunz’s progeny said he intended to drop a mixtape using nothing but the late, great Big Pun’s beats.

gunzpunNormally such intentions are cause enough to gorilla slap a precocious rapper—especially those that need to put the mic down and get a damn job. Luckily Cory is talented enough to do those tracks some justice. The XXL Freshmen Class alum also knew Pun (pic on the left, the shortie in the center), which is an added bonus in his favor.

Cory also speaks on his God-Daddy Shaq O’Neal and that fateful “Kobe, how does my ass taste?” incident/freestyle/hilarity. To think, this Bronx repper doesn’t even have a deal right now.


Cory Gunz XXL Freestyle [via The Smoking Section]

Cory Gunz Mixtape Daily Interview [via Rap Radar]

Cory Gunz “Shut Em Down” Video

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Pac Div X The Deal Freestyle

Why haven’t you downloaded Church League Champions yet? For real, your snoozing means you’re losing.

Anyway, Pac Div dropped by BET’s The Deal about a month ago. It went down at Malibu’s Canvas and in the clip above they drop some freestyles. Actually, with Church League Champions out there it’s clear that BeYoung and Like drop their verses from “We The Champs.” Gimme a minute and I’ll place the start of Mibbs’ verse (the end of it is also from “We The Champs”). Definitely worth checking, though.

Their interview on the show where they discuss how they met, how they got signed and what to expect on their proper debut, Grown Kids Syndrome, is below.

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Pac Div X Church League Champions (Download)

These Pac Div cats—Like, Mibbs, BeYoung—are sharp. No gimmicks, just beats and rhymes. Nothing else is necessary.

Here is the link to their Church League Champions mixtape. Pac Div’s proper album, Grown Kid Syndrome, is due in the Fall/Winter. Let’s not mess this up Universal Motown. [via Pac Div presents Church League Champions]

Church League Champions

Church League Champions

Track Listing

01. Dick Vitale
02. We The Champs (Duke v. Carolina)
03. Pac Div
04. Mayor
05. For You
06. No No
07. Knuckleheadz
08. Whiplash
09. Underdogs (interlude)
10 Shut Up
11. Young Black Male
12. Never
13. Back

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Nasty Nas’ Demo

RIP Scratch

RIP Scratch

Would have been nice if Nas made that album with Premier like he promised in the above mag. About a year ago I was at some random event where Premier was in attendance and I asked Guru’s “associate” what happened with said album. I’ll keep it off the record as promised, but he was none too happy. Well, Nas has other issues to deal with.

Moving on; Nas’ demo from ’91. I repeat, Nasty Nas’ demo from ’91! The songs are raw, but still of a higher caliber than most of the drivel you’ll find on shelves iTunes and bootleg sites today. [Spotted at Kanye’s Blog via Blind I For The Kids]

Nasty Nas Demo (RapidShare link)

Let me up something I had in the files; a Nas freestyle from the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show circa 1990-fresh.

Below, that white guy who used to drop the N bombs’ “Back to Grill” video.

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Big Sean in XXL Mag

Big Sean - Show & Prove (XXL Mag)

Big Sean - Show & Prove (XXL Mag)

Got to write a Show & Prove for XXL Mag’s August ’09 issue on that kid Big Sean that’s singed to G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. Word. [via KanyeUniverseCity & UKnowBigSean]

UKNOWBIGSEAN Mixtape (via 2DopeBoyz)

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