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Supreme Japan Benefit T-Shirt

Simple. Clean. Supreme creates a tee to benefit humanitarian efforts in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. All of the proceeds from their sale will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The tees become available April 8. Now that’s dope. [Peeped at Slam x Hype]

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Louis Vuitton Acapulco Monogram Stars Sneaker

Yes, these are Louis Vuitton sneakers. And yes, they look atrocious. No, there is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. Finally, yes, many a fool will cop these and surely get limited superfluous props off the strength of paying an asinine premium for the privilege of wearing ugly ass Louis Vuitton sneakers.

To each his own, but miss me with these. I’ll keep my $675. [Spotted at High Snobiety]

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VIDEO: Danny Brown “Guitar Solo”

Stop snoozing on Danny Brown y’all. “Guitar Solo” off The Hybrid. And they say hip-hop lacks substance. Brown just signed with DJ A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records, so expect fresh things. Don’t let the haircut fool you. [Courtesy of FWMJ’s Rappers I Know]

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DOWNLOAD: Pusha T “Fear Of God” Mixtape

Pusha T’s Fear Of God mixtape that everyone, with taste, has been waiting on, is finally here. [Spotted 1st at Karen Civil]

Below, his older brother Malice’s latest vignette. I do miss the Re-Up Gang, though.

DOWNLOAD: Fear Of God Mixtape | Mediafire

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VIDEO: Pusha T “Cook It Down”

Video for “Cook It Down” from Pusha T’s Fear of God mixtape dropping March 21. Directed by Shomi. [Props to]


Pusha T x 50 Cent “Raid” [Rap Radar]

Pusha T – My God [Mastered] [2DopeBoyz]

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DOWNLOAD: Theo Martins “Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor”

Theo Martins is one of my favorite new artists. He reeled me in with his You Can’t Do That On Television EP last year, which was full of insightful, deft lyrics, along with thoroughly engaging beats (see: “The Monocle“).

Rather than re-tread ground he already covered, on his new project, Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor, Theo infuses 80’s Pop, electro and dubstep elements into his sound. Normally this would be where a new act loses my interest because their direction reeks of pandering to a new audience for a buck.

But from just an initial listen it’s clear that Theo is a lover of music that is genuinely and sincerely putting his own spin on these grooves (he rhymes over Cher. Yep.). Also, the sartorially inclined brother’s willingness to go out on the limb and try his hand at genres that I assume aren’t necessarily in his comfort zone is commendable.

Then their is the fact that music is excellent, which is always a bonus.

Below, the visual for “Final Fantasy” f/ STRFKR.

DOWNLOAD: Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor [via so that Paul Cantor doesn’t kill me]


Sartorial Sounds [Street Etiquette]

Behind the Scenes with Sartorial Sounds [Madbury Club]

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DOWNLOAD: Pac Div “Mania!” Mixtape

“I’ma act a fool I don’t know no better, bet I never get a stain on this Polo sweater, though…”—Mibbs “SuperNegroes”

Those cats from Pac Div finally let loose their new mixtape, Mania!, hosted by Don Cannon no less. Holla’d at Mibbs, Like and Be Young for MTV RapFix a little while back. Universal/Motown, stop frontin’ on that Grown Kid Syndrome. Tracklist and linkage below. [Nod to 2DopeBoyz]

DOWNLOAD: Mania! | Mediafire


DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Don’t Mention It (Mixtape)

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