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DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Cocainism Vol 2 Mixtape

Shallah Raekwon hooked up with and cooked up a new mixtape called Brinks Boyz Presents: Cocainism Vol 2. The Chef’s next proper solo, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is due in September. Hmm, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was the title of the RZA-less album Rae and Ghostface mentioned when chastising 8 Diagram’s production a few years back. Guess that’s water under the bridge.

Beats courtesy of Alchemist, DJ Scratch, EZ Elpee and Ultimate Beats & Breaks. Coke rap for everybody.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon Brinks Boyz Presents: Cocainism Vol 2 | Mediafire


Nas On OB4CL 2 (Video) [2DopeBoyz]

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VIDEO: Big Boi “Shutterbug”

Relatively new Def Jam Records delegate Big Boi’s “Shutterbug,” produced by a coke free Scott Storch and from his long delayed Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album, due July 6. Bout time the visual dropped. [Spotted at Complex]

By the way, that’s a Talk Box, not Auto-Tune. And on a semi-tangent, that Andre 3000 (whose birthday is today, same as mine) verse on “Royal Flush” is still >.

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Sneaker Con x Aqua’s LeBron VII P.S.’s

Was at Sneaker Con this past Saturday and unbeknownst to me a photog for Freshness snapped a shot of my Nike LeBron VII P.S.’s. Glad I had on clean socks. Check my coverage of kicks at Below, the designer (Jason Petrie) of the first new age sneaker from retro-happy Nike I’ve really liked in a good minute speaks on its design. Sorry LeBron, but the Celtics got this.

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VIDEO: ?uestlove’s Mathematics x Black Thought’s Masterpiece

B.R.O.THER. ?, Black Thought

Yesterday I posted that the Roots’ soon be released How I Got Over album was all of nine records (hey, it’s what Def Jam said), but OkayPlayer and ?uestlove say it’s 11 (don’t think that includes skit/interludes, though). Anyway, I got an early listen at the album last night (two thumbs up after one listen amidst listening session distractions that inlcuded free Hennessey) after noting that ?uestlove said How I Got Over was their 11th solo album, as opposed to the ninth that the now faulty press release said, I asked him to explain.

Black Thought says his much delayed Masterpiece Theater solo is on the “backburner” while he finishes up his Dangerous Thoughts project with Danger Mouse. Can’t figure why Mr. Trotter is seemingly lacking a solo deal. A&R’s, step your game up.

Much respect due to the homie Mikey Fresh for making these Flip cam clips look all official.

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The Roots – “How I Got Over” Track Listing

The Roots - How I Got Over

The Roots’ ninth album, and third on Def Jam, is due June 22nd. Only nine tracks?

?uestlove is a proponent of the less is more theory (see Nas’ Illmatic or Sly & The Family Stone’s Stand!), so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The as yet unheard lead single is called “Dear God 2.0” and is a remix/re-imagining of Monsters of Folk’s “Dear God.”

Track list after 2009’s (wtf?) “How I Got Over” video.

1. Walk Alone (Truck North, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
2. Dear God 2.0 (Jim James, MOF)
3. Radio Daze (Blu, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
4. Now Or Never (Phonte Coleman, Dice Raw)
5. How I Got Over (Dice Raw)
6. The Day (Blu, Phonte Coleman, Patty Crash)
7. Right On (Joanna Newsom, Sugar Tongue Slim)
8. Doin It Again (John Legend)
9. The Fire (John Legend, Rick Friedrich)

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VIDEO: Capone-N-Noreaga “The Reserves” f/ Raekwon

Was snoozing on this one. Nothing too crazy about the vid (directed by Janelle Abraham) but worth watching to see NORE rocking a Carharrt in one scene, then rocking a fur in the next cut. And of course, it helps that the song bangs (produced by The Bizness); Shallah Raekwon on the hook. From CNN’s The War Report 2: Report the War dropping July 13.

Someone get CNN a legit, non-MySpace site, please. Hope they come close to the raw quality of The War Report, a classic in many eyes. Wish they could go back and make a video for “Stick You.”


Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Faith Evans – Hood Pride [Nah Right]

CNN’s Press Conference [Rap Radar]

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VIDEO: Freddie Gibbs “The Ghetto (Uncensored)”

A lot of ni**as over there at Interscope, I ain’t going to say no names, them executive ni**as, they said that my sh*t wasn’t even relevant no more. They said gangsta rap wasn’t going to be relevant, and we don’t need to push this s**t; we ain’t going to push Gibbs, we going to push Jibbs. They used to piss me off man. Ni**as in the building used to get me confused with that little ni**a Jibbs. I’m like, Nah ni**a I’m Freddie Gibbs, I’m not Jibbs, you got me f**ked up.“—Freddie Gibbs

Got to interview Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs for a Next story in the April/May 2010 issue of Vibe Magazine. The above quote didn’t make the cut, but it is hilarious, and tragic. Tough to says Gibbs’ take on gangsta rap isn’t relevant since he can actually put together words that fit and places some real thought behind his verses. As heard/seen in the above video for “The Ghetto.”

Surely having a similar name to Jibbs isn’t the sole reason Interscope decided to let go of his services, but it’s still a fail. Video for “Womb 2 the Tomb,” featuring Pill, below.

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Riley Was Here x Top 5 Boondocks Episodes

“No one told you to paint over my house ’cause you want to make a point. This ain’t Beat Street.”

Got to write a Top 5 episodes of The Boondocks post over at The BVX. But my favorite moment from the cartoon is probably from the “Riley Was Here” episode when a graf writing Riley Freeman and his art teacher, a doppelgänger of the late painter Bob Ross, get chased by cops while Tom Scott’s cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Today” plays in the background. It’s the same song Pete Rock flipped for “They Reminisce of Over You (T.R.O.Y.).” Also used by Black Sheep for “La Menage” (didn’t even know there was a video for its remix!) as Jerry Barrow of Nod Factor fame always likes to point out.

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Star Wars Condom

You have only begun to discover your power.

Translates to “I will not be your father.” Gotta love the Maury Povich meets Darth Vader steez.

The French get a W for this one. [Spotted at io9]

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