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VIDEO: Sean Price “Let Me Tell You” + “Shut The F*ck Up”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Any rapper MC bold enough to spit, “Hell yeah I deck bitches, Chris Brown,” is a frikkin’ gem.

The true irony is out of the number of Hip-Hop artists I’ve interviewed Sean Price is one of the humblest and genuinely nicest people you’ll meet. The Decepts membership is legit, so don’t test him, though. Clip for “Let Me Tell You” above and for “Shut The F*ck Up” below, numerous one liners throughout. P! [Swiped from 2DopeBoyz]


VIDEO: Sean Price x Snow Pt. 2 x Converse

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The ‘Lo Lifestyle x Vintage Hip-Hop Videos

Taz best not give out his address…

“When I go bury me with the ‘Lo on.”—Raekwon “Iron Maiden” (Ghostface Killah’s Ironman)

The homie Dallas Penn dropped a post last week regarding Vado and his suspect Polo homage “Polo” [side note: is down and according to DP he is currently “unemployed by the internets,” this must be corrected, stat.]. I gotta agree with DP’s sentiment, I can’t rock with cats shilling for ‘Lo in rhyme form when you can tell the appreciation for the nuance of the Polo lifestyle just isn’t there. Really, any MC suddenly repping like they’re serious ‘Lo heads reeks of gimmickry unless they’re certified ‘Lo connossieurs; like say Thirstin Howl III, Meyhem Lauren or that kid Shakespeare the Great. ‘Nuff respect due to official Lo Life members past and present too.

But the point of my post is that I was reminded of a couple of OG Hip-Hop videos that truly repped the ‘Lo lifestyle: Zhigge’s “Rakin’ in the Dough” and “Toss It Up” (both produced by Salaam Remi) as well as KRS-1’s “Outta Here” (produced by DJ Premier). A special nod must be given to Wu-Tang Clan’s “Can It Be All So Simple” because—as the homie Rob Markman pointed out—Raekwon rocking the Snow Beach Polo jacket was truly epic.

I’m not going to even front like my ‘Lo pieces are that hardbody—I do got a few gems in the stash, though—but I’m an appreciator of the lifestyle. There’s something to be said when ‘Lo heads check each other’s gear and give appreciative head nods—pause—out of respect. It’s a mutual understanding that hearkens back to an era when the quality of your gear was first and foremost (think: Coca-Cola gear, North Face shells with Gore-Tex, Vasque boots, etc.). Pandering to the Hip-Hop generation with baggy cuts and too loud logos? Nah, hold that. We’ll keep gravitating to fly fashion that probably wasn’t intended for us to begin with, flip it, and have the establishment racing to catch up. It’s the Hip-Hop way.

And I’ll always have more ‘Lo than my bro-hims Vaughn C and DJ Maestro, mentally.

Zhigge “Toss It Up” Quality (image wise) of the vid is wack but (Added a better version) some classic pieces are seen in there.

Zhigge “Rakin’ In the Dough” – “…but did you know, the mall was closed/So I spin into Macy’s and get some Guess and Polo…” True.

Had to add the “Uptown Bounce” version, which is better quality anyway.

KRS-One “Outta Here” – Sun (sic) with the green rugby was winning.

Wu-Tang Clan “Can It Be All So Simple”


Grand Puba Ft Mary J Blige – “Whats The 411 (Live)” – “Polo the top gear…” raps Puba. The Alpine Polo rugby is timeless. Mary J’s Cross Colours outfit, not so much.

The Baby Polo Mansion Pt. 1 – When your pops is Thirstin Howl III your Polo game is proper since birth, literally.

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The Soup Nazi is Back!

He's baaaackkk....

The Soup Nazi Man aka Al Yeganeh is back. After franchising (as the Original SoupMan, to middling success), Yeganeh’s original hole in the wall spot was shuttered in 2004. But now he will be blessing appreciators of the magic he worked with the freshest ingredients by re-opening his OG soup stand on July 20th. This. Is. Epic.

After graduating from college I worked at Universal Motown for a few years, and the label’s offices were about a block away from Soup Kitchen International on 259A West 55th Street, NYC; made infamous by Seinfeld’s “The Soup Nazi” episode (see below). I used to be sent on “soup runs” for the office, standing on line for way too much time, for soup that totally worth the wait. There is no doubt in my mind that one of the lobster bisque’s key ingredients was crack cocaine. It was THAT good. Same for the Mexican turkey chili.

On one occasion I for some reason ordered three of the wrong soups, realizing the err of my ways only after I had stepped off line. Mind you, I had been waiting on said line—which moved briskly due to people following the clearly posted rules of knowing what you want, having your money ready, and then stepping far to the left—for a good half hour.

Considering Yeganeh’s no nonsense to the point of surliness demeanor, I was not about to go back to the front of the line for fear of getting cursed out. I resigned myself to take a mulligan and order more soups, paying for them out of my own pocket in order to stay in the good graces of my bosses. Luckily the line had gotten short enough that Mr. Yeganeh immediately spotted me and asked me if something was wrong. After explaining why I had to order more soups, he quickly corrected my order, at no charge. The peeps at Universal Motown devoured their soups and Mr. Yeganeh in my eyes was strictly the cool as a fan Soup Man, no N-word*.  [Spotted at Gothamist]

*except for the title of this post, obviously.

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VIDEO: The Roots “Dear God 2.0”

The homies at OnSmash come through with the world premier of the video for “Dear God 2.0” (featuring Monsters of Folk) from the Roots’ new album, How I Got Over, due in stores and iTunes tomorrow. The vid—Black Thought with the Taxi Cab Confessions steez—is directed by Jason Goldwatch.

The album is a winner, so I hear.


VIDEO: ?uestlove’s Mathematics x Black Thought’s Masterpiece

New Music: The Roots  – “Now Or Never” (F/ Phonte & Dice Raw) [Beats & Rants]

The Roots feat. B.o.B. John Legend & John Legend – The Fire (Remix) [Nah Right]

Admit it, you can't name half of these cats...

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Eminem’s Recovery Commercial x ShamWow! Guy

Interscope gets the Vince Schlomi aka The ShamWow! Guy aka the guy who had a hooker try to bite off his tongue, to speak on the merits Eminem’s new Recovery album. Genius.


ShamWow! x FAIL

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Hieroglyphics x New Era 59Fifty Fitteds

The Hieroglyphics Imperium drops their official New Era fitteds that look hella thorough. Repping the Bay before it was all trendy, the first run of Hieroglyphics x New Era fitteds feature Hiero’s ubiquitous third eye logo and are appropriately available in Oakland A’s (yellow & green) and New York San Francisco Giants (black & orange) colorways.

Hiero has never stopped dropping official joints, but Souls of Mischief’s 93 ‘Til Infinity holds a special place in many a Hip-Hop heads heart. As an NYC representer all respect was due and given to the four teenagers (Opio, Phesto, Tajai and A-Plus) who came through with advanced rhyme skills—and crisply produced beats mostly from Domino and APlus—that were beyond their years. All the videos from 93 ‘Til Infinity followed by more images of the fitteds after. [Spotted at Strictly Fitteds]


Casual (of Hieroglyphics) – Under The Bay pt.2 & 3 (Video) [2DopeBoyz]

Hieroglyphics Teams Up With When Art Imitates Life [HipHopDX]

Beards, Backpacks & Glasses: Souls of Mischief [Passion of the Weiss]

“That’s When Ya Lost”

“93 ‘Til Infinity”

“Never No More”

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VIDEO: Redman – Lookin’ Fly

“When I’m on a mission I rock a black leather pea coat, press one button it turn to a speedboat/Hit Miami shore from Puerto Rico, blow perico, son of a beach, yo.”—Redman

Redman gets busy over a fresh Michael Jackson flip—actually, it samples The Jackson’s “This Place Hotel” from their Triumph (1980) album. People mistakenly call it “Heartbreak Hotel” (it is the song’s original title) but unfortunately Elvis Presley’s folks were having none of that. The video, directed by Dan the Man, pays homage to Jackson’s “Rock With You” video.

In a perfect world “Lookin’ Fly” would get as much burn on your allegedly “Hip-Hop” radio station as any new jack rapper. But alas, Funk Doctor Spot isn’t the right age (his debut Whut? Thee Album dropped way back in 1992) and he actually prefers rapping over singing.

Too bad a gang of classic albums (if Muddy Waters or Blackout! (with Method Man) isn’t in your collection, you’re losing) and consistently insane verses don’t count for much (If I had to pick one song that represents Red skills with words, “Pick It Up.” Wait, “Funkorama” too, see below).

Red’s much delayed, seventh album is now called Reggie, dropping on…your guess is as good as mine. [Propers to OnSmash]

“Pick It Up” Muddy Waters (1996)

“Funkorama” Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation (1996)

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VIDEO: Empire Shtick of Mind “Jew York”

“Jew York! Concrete jungle were Bernie made off!”—Whoever is singing in the above video

The homie HB Wellington sent me this through the transom and I’ve been laughing ever since. All types of Jewcentric NYC references (Hester St., Katz’s Deli, et. al.) Suddenly have the urge for a bagel with a smear and lox (no Bad Boy).


Twitter Presents: Jewish Rap Names [Paul Rosenberg] started by Paul Cantor

Jay-Z Rolling Stone Cover [Rap Radar]

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Who Is S. Fresh? x Advertorial Fail

I’ve never heard S. Fresh’s music. But after this glitch in the Matrix was pointed out to me by a publicist I highly respect, listening to S. Fresh’s tunes isn’t at the top of my to do list.

Riddle me this, why in tarnation—I’ve been wanting to use “tarnation” in a post for a good while—would four outlets (,, and post the exact same, word for word “interview” on S. Fresh? Worse yet, none seemed to be bothered by this sentence (in the last “question”):

…thank you for your time and much congrats to your accomplishments thus far and best of luck to future adventures; did you have any last words you wanted to plug for the readers?

Pretty safe bet the phrase “to future adventures” should have been “in future endeavors.”

No shots, but this doesn’t pass the smell test. Better yet, next time, just place ADVERTORIAL in the title, or something. It’s just not the best of looks in journalistic circles to pass off stock content as being original. Okay, my Hip-Hop Internets ombudsman moment is a wrap.

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