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Haitian Jack Tee x Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund

I’ll give questions about Yele Haiti’s book keeping the benefit of a doubt, for now, since Wyclef Jean is in Haiti doing all he can to help during these tumultuous times, to say the least. All the proceeds from the above “Haitian Jack” Play Cloths tee (Jack being the Play Cloths logo) will go to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. [via Format Mag]

Still, I wonder if the heads at Play Cloths are aware of the history of one Jacque “Haitian Jack” Agnant; namely his involvement with Tupac Shakur. Since I do, that’s all I’ll say about that. More importantly, HELP HAITI.


“L’Union Fait La Force” Movement to Aid Haiti


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Kanye West’s Pastelle is a Wrap


Damn, Kanye West’s Pastelle had just dropped a “look book,” of sorts, yesterday. It was was over before it started. Seems like the only rap cats left with a feasible—and purposefully misspelled—clothing line are Clipse with Play Cloths.

Nope, I’m not counting Roc-a-Wear or anything hawked by any other rappers with questionable at best taste in clothing.


Pastelle by Kanye West | Never Coming Out [High Snobiety]

Discontinued: Kanye West Ditches Clothing Line [Racked]

Kanye’s Pastelle Line Dropping Neveruary 32nd? [Nah Right]


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Clipse X Kanye West “Kinda Like A Big Deal” (Video)

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Now you know I had to post this off of G.P. I may be in the minority but I don’t think Kanye West bodied the Brothers Thornton on this one. Yeezy does get busy, though. [via Nah Right]


The Clipse Talk Play Cloths

Clipse X Keri Hilson “Eye On Me” [via Rap Radar]


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Kinda Like a Big Deal: The Clipse Talk Play Cloths

The Brothers Thornton

The Brothers Thornton

BAPE definitely helped put us in a lane and in a light and I think we did a lot for that company too…We going to the show and we got on the exclusive s**t we just got in the mail and the fans be like, “Oh s**t!” This is before I’m really Hypebeasting and shit. I’m just like, “Nah, Nigo just threw this s*** over here.” –Pusha T

Got to chop it up with Malice and Pusha T about their Play Cloths clothing line-yes, that’s how they spell it–for the good folks at Street Level. Below, Malice and his strangely entertaining vlog.

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Clipse X Kanye West X KAWS = “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

Clipse X Rick Rubin

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Clipse X Kanye West X KAWS = “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

clipsekanyekawsSo today is the day Asher Roth drops and the Bawse hits stores tomorrow. All good but at noon I will be checking for this new record (“Kinda Like A Big Deal”) by the Brothers Thornton. It’s supposed to be released 4/20 at noon via their Play Cloths blog. They got artist KAWS on the cover art and sneaker hawker Kanye West in the mix.  New music from Malice and Pusha T soothes the soul I say. Suddenly I got the urge for a Coke… [Spotted at Hypebeast]

Kinda Like a Big Deal” (CDQ) [Via Low Key]


Clipse X Rick Rubin


Well damn… (via AllHipHop)


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