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Moleskine Muses

Moleskine has been killing it with their latest releases, collaborations and super-exclusive notebooks. In an increasingly digital world, Moleskines’ notebooks are analog by nature—use one and you are physically writing, on paper—which is no doubt a reason for their popularity. I stay with a Moleskine (see pic above) and here are some releases from the last month I would gladly accept as a gift. Just saying.

Moleskine Passions Notebook Series

A collection of themed journals tailored for specific interests including music, film and wine. [Hypebeast]

Moleskine ‘MoMa Retrospective’ Tim Burton Notebook

Only way to get your hands on this special “MoMa Retrospective” notebook (a weekly planner) honoring Tim Burton’s was to be a MoMa VIP. **Must spend more time at the MoMa…** [Slam x Hype]

(capsule) x Moleskin Notebooks
Made only for (capsule) trade show exhibitors and members of its Advisory Board. (capsule) is a destination for esteemed designers and brands, but you don’t care, this notebook looks ill, and you want one. [High Snobiety]

Moleskine Color A Month Planner Set
January is a wrap but you still got February through December to use the rest of this set of Daily Planner notebooks. Gift box too. [Uncrate]

And lastly Jay Electronica’s “preview” video for “Dear Moleskine,” for obvious reasons.

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Back Again: Air Jordan III Retro White/Cement Grey

Air Jordan 3

I was in the 6th grade, standing at the bus stop on the corner of 174th Street & Longfellow Ave., waiting for the BX36 to take me from my South Bronx hood to what was then CS 102 in Parkchester.

It was while waiting for that sure to be too crowded bus in the a..m. where I saw a high school aged dude with a high-top fade rocking the above kicks; Air Jordan IIIs. At that point in time I had no clue what the shoes were. They were bright white, with illy snakeskin—no Nike check, but aha…the Air bubble. Those had to be the latest Js.

Seeing Kid ‘N Play rock them in their “Gettin’ Funky” video on Video Music Box (below), and Mars Blackmon (above), made me fiend for a pair just as much as Michael Jordan’s feats on the basketball court. But being that I wasn’t anywhere near a child of privilege, I didn’t even bother asking mom dukes for a pair. Knowing they were a buck ($100) plus at retail, i had to make due with my lo-top Air Trainers (about 60 to 70 beans at Dr. Jays on 3rd Ave, sale).

When the Air Jordan III’s get a retro-release sometime this year—Nice Kicks says they’ll be part of a Slam Dunk pack (MJ won the ’88 Slam Dunk contest in them)—they will get copped (two pairs), off g.p.

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Apple’s New iPad

Apple’s new iTablet iPad is finally here. Will it change the game? No one can definitively say until all the industries this new gadget will purportedly alter actually are altered.

But in the meanwhile, you know you want one. Admit it.

Full capacity multitouch, .5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds, 9.7 inch IPS display, Wi-Fi, 1GHz Apple A4; available in 16GB – 64GB Flash storage, can run all iPhone apps, iWork (eh), new iBooks app…starts at $499 (8GB, WiFi) and $629 (8BG, WiFi+3G).

AND, syncs over USB, $30/month gets you an unlimited data plan (via AT&T)…

Pics after the break as they arrive…


Live from the Apple ‘Latest Creation’ Event [Engadget]

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Salaam Remi: Thief’s Theme vs. Hip Hop Is Dead

If you don’t know, Salaam Remi has got BEATS. In the vid he drops jewels on Nas’ “Thief’s Theme,” whose beat similarly flipped/jacked for “Hip Hop Is Dead.”

For the record: “Thief’s Theme” > “Hip-Hop is Dead”; by leaps and bounds. [Hat tilt: Soul Culture]

The sample is from Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” the Incredible Bong Band’s version, if you were wondering.


Robbin Hood Anthems Part Deux

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Rare Joints: A Tribe Called Quest’s Lost Intro x Mos Def

Rock Rock Y'all

Back in ’98 I was Hip-Hop Music Director at WTJU in Charlottesville, Virginia. The nondescript position made me privy to treats like an advance copy of A Tribe Called Quest’s then last hurrah, The Love Movement. OG promo man Al Lindstrom had been servicing me with music from Jive Records for a minute so after a few pestering phone calls (e-mail? nah.) he sent me the CD advance, making me that ninja amongst my inner circle of Hip-Hop heads.

The proliferation of MP3 blogs has pretty much deaded proper advances for most major label releases. More often than not, the best you get is a watermarked copy with annoying commentary to discourage bootlegging or worse yet, the corny listening session where every ass kiss journo raves about how this is the album of the year.

The Love Movement “Intro” f/ Mos Def | Mediafire

The point of this inaugural Rare Joints post is that The Love Movement’s advance included the above intro track featuring Mos Def pontificating on the loveliness of ATCQ. The inclusion of the minute and change track probably wouldn’t have made the album’s initially lukewarm reception by fans and critics much better. But to its credit the The Love Movement has aged well in the ATCQ cannon, in no small part due to Jay Dee/J. Dilla’s sonic influence.

Video: A Tribe Called Quest Reunites for Phife Dawg’s Diabetes Benefit [Nah Right]

Video: Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli & Mos Def Perform @ The Knitting Factory [The Smoking Section]

Video: Q-Tip “Life Is Better” + All The Others

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Hall & Oates x Psych x “Private Eyes”

I’ve never watched a single episode of PsychBurn Notice is more my speed—but the former’s “Private Eyes” parody/ad that’s been running for a month or so is hilarious.

The ad reminds you that Hall & Oates had some funky joints. I got a chunky collection of H & O vinyl that came in handy over the [DJ’ing] years. Before dismissing them as “blue eye soul” has beens, consider this…

Daryl Hall began performing professionally while he was a student at Temple University. In 1966, he recorded a single with Kenny Gamble and the Romeos; the group featured Gamble, Leon Huff, and Thom Bell, who would all become the architects of Philly soul. During this time, Hall frequently appeared on sessions for Gamble and Huff. In 1967, Hall met John Oates, a fellow Temple University student. Oates was leading his own soul band at the time. The two students realized they had similar tastes and began performing together in an array of R&B and doo wop groups. [AllMusic Bio]

Here are videos for their six #1 songs: “Rich Girl” (1977), “Kiss on My List” (1980), “Private Eyes” (1981), “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” (1981), “Maneater” (1982), and “Out of Touch” (1984).

“Rich Girl”

“Kiss On My List”

“Private Eyes”

“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”


“Out Of Touch”

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Video: Clipse “Freedom”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Napa Valley vintage my flow is fermented.”—Malice

“Freedom,” produced by Sean C & LV, off that Til the Casket Drops album that needs to be in your collection. Malice definitely stepped up his rap lyricist rank this go ’round. [Nod: The Rap Up]

We're not you...

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Haitian Jack Tee x Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund

I’ll give questions about Yele Haiti’s book keeping the benefit of a doubt, for now, since Wyclef Jean is in Haiti doing all he can to help during these tumultuous times, to say the least. All the proceeds from the above “Haitian Jack” Play Cloths tee (Jack being the Play Cloths logo) will go to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. [via Format Mag]

Still, I wonder if the heads at Play Cloths are aware of the history of one Jacque “Haitian Jack” Agnant; namely his involvement with Tupac Shakur. Since I do, that’s all I’ll say about that. More importantly, HELP HAITI.


“L’Union Fait La Force” Movement to Aid Haiti


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Marc Jacobs USB Hub

Er, throw it in the bag?

Don’t front, first thing you thought when you read “Marc Jacobs USB Hub” is: “Let’s see how gay this looks.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Well, these cassette tape looking USB hubs look mighty fresh, even if you probably don’t need a USB hub if you have a current laptop or desktop. Even hotter would be if you could design your own label. Now you’ve really  dated yourself if you figure you, “I probably have some blank labels in that box of old tapes anyway.” [Nod to Slam x Hype]

Another pic after the video from The Nonce, “Mixtapes,” of course.

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RIP Teddy Pendergrass

R.I.P. to Teddy Pendergrass who died on January 13, 2010 after a long bout with colon cancer.

I’ll be bumping his solos and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes work all day. The list of Pendergrass sample lifts in Hip-Hop is extensive so I’ll just roll with one of my favorites. Below is Ghostface Killah’s “Camay” featuring Raekwon and Cappadonna. RZA flipped Pendergrass’ “Cant We Try” from his 5th solo album TP.


Gamble & Huff Remember The Late Teddy Pendergrass
[Nod Factor]

Teddy Pendergrass, Singer, Dies at 59
[New York Times]

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