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VIDEO: Ol’ Dirty Bastard & RZA x 1991 Talent Show

Talent show footage (Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the beatbox, the RZA on the rhymes) from two thirds of the All In Together Now crew circa 1991. The RZA’s rhymes are the same lyrics the late Dirt McGirt  kicks on “Don’t U Know” from his debut, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version.

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Vintage Nike Sneaker Ads

Classic Kicks just posted some vintage Nike ads that will surely have long time sneaker connoisseurs feeling nostalgic. Also makes a good point about how all current marketing bells and whistles (celeb endorsements, limited edition releases, etc.) tend to overshadow the performance aspect of the shoes. It used to be that style always followed function, which isn’t the case nowadays.

Dope ads for coveted kicks like the Air Max 90, Air Tech Challenge and Air Trainer SC and many more (exactly why plenty have been reissued in recent years) are included. Now Nike needs to stop playing and deliver those Air Jordan IIIs back to stores as promised.

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“Black August: A Hip-Hop Benefit Concert” x dream hampton

Esteemed writer dream hampton has directed “Black August: A Hip-Hop Benefit Concert.” The documentary will be premiering this Thursday (August 26) at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theatre. Using archival footage and interviews with artists and members of the Malcolm X Grassroots movement, it chronicles the creation, development and movement behind the annual Black August Hip-Hop Project, which “strives to promote human rights though supporting and influencing the global development of Hip Hop culture.” Their most well known event is the Black August Benefit Concert which has now been going strong for over a decade.

After the screening their will be a panel discussion with hampton, Lumumba Bandele (co-founder of Black August), Professor Marc Lamont Hill (Columbia University), former political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahaad, Talib Kweli and M1 of dead prez, who is hosting. Co-presented by Lincoln Center and the ImageNation Cinema Foundation, tickets can be purchased here. Definitely should be some nourishing food for thought to counter the saccharine Hip-Hop you get bombarded with daily.

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VIDEO: Incomparable Shakespeare “Hometown”

The homie the Incomparable Shakespeare drops a visual to his Brooklyn ode “Hometown” (his take on English singer Adele’s “Hometown Glory”). I’d normally pass on posting such a gratuitous display of affection towards the BK borough (I rep The Bronx, after all), but how can you front on an MC looking to teach the youth the finer points of a Windsor Knot?

Download latest mixtape from @ShakyBaby and producer Silver, The British Invasion, that “Hometown” appears on right here.


Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare – Lonely Start [2DopeBoyz]

The Incomparable Shakespeare – ShakyBaby [OnSmash]

Circa ’87 – Just Livin’ (feat. The Incomparable Shakespeare) [OnSmash]

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VIDEO: Drake f/ Lil Wayne “Miss Me”

Even Hot 97 playing “Miss Me” ad nauseum isn’t enough to deny that it’s a winner. Just skip to :50 in the video. And Lil Wayne saying “Kickin’ b#tches out the condo like Pam,” is still the best line of 2010.

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VIDEO: GZA’s Wu-Tang Clan Documentary Trailer

There are a number of Wu-Tang Clan documentaries both unofficial and official out there and in the works. It’s a safe bet that GZA’s Wu-Tang Revealed will probably be the best. Ten years in the making means the Genius has no doubt been stacking and sitting on some revealing footage. Ghostface and Raekwon are particularly animated while keeping it 100 in the trailer above while U-God is angry. As usual.

The GZA/Genius is no slouch behind the camera. He directed a number of early Wu-Tang videos including Ghostface’s “Motherless Child” and his own “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber.” Which gives me good enough reason to post them below. [Checked at Hypebeast]

Method Man To Sue Insane Clown Posse [AllHipHop]

Raekwon “Never Used to Matter? f/ Bun B [2DopeBoyz]

RZA Confirms Liquid Swords 2 [HipHopDX]

GZA/Genius “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber”

Ghostface Killah “Motherless Child”

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VIDEO: Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene

Already great news that the Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-Ray in late 2011, but this deleted scene from Revenge Return of the Jedi trumps that announcement.

Luke completes his Jedi training. Excuse me while I watch this repeatedly… [Spotted at Vulture]


Top 10 Moments From Star Wars Celebration V [io9]

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Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II – The Videos

Originally due in 2005, but not released until September 8, 2009, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, managed to live up to the hype. A loud minority cried foul at Raekwon rehashing the coke fueled tales of wanton criminality steeped in copious amounts slang that made the original a classic. Well duh, it was a sequel.

The Chef is releasing a Gold Deluxe Edition of OB4CL2 with six new songs and remixes, via iTunes, on August 17. You should have been playing the album already, anyway.

“New Wu” (OG video) — Produced by the RZA

“New Wu”

“Walk Wit’ Me” – Produced by Scram Jones

“Pyrex Vision”

“Surgical Gloves” – Produced by The Alchemist

“Canal Street” — Produced by Ice Water Productions

“Catalina” — Produced by Dr. Dre & Mark Batson


Raekwon “Travel Places” [The Smoking Section]

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VIDEO: Ghostface Killah x Frank Dukes

Toronto based producer Frank Dukes won the Red Bull Big Tune 2009 contest and his prize was picking an A-list MC to work with of his choice. Naturally, he chose the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah.

Ghostface is also interviewed in these clips and unwittingly drops hilarious gems. A choice quote from the video below is when comparing beats to women he says, “Beats is like women, because you have to pick ’em…and you pick the ones that right for you…but now it’s how you ride that.” Or, “…he might be a good MC but at the music he chose…his girls is messed up.” Makes complete sense.

Also, Ghostface is rocking a rugby that says “Ghost” across the back. He won. [Spotted at Nah Right]

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Rare Joints: The Source Magazine – Mad Flavor Vol. 1

A compilation called Mad Flavor Volume One from The Source Magazine. Not to be confused with those The Source Presents Hip-Hop Hits albums, this promo only CD dropped circa 1991, packaged with an issue of mag. I can’t for the life of me remember which exact issue it was, though. Kept the CD in my files and thought I’d share.

Some familiar joints (2Pac “Words of Wisdom,” Del the Funky Homosapien “Dr. Bombay”), a few rarities (Hard Knocks was a duo out of The BX signed to Wild Pitch, Pretty Tone Capone was part of the infamous Azie Faison’s MobStyle rap group ) and some oddball picks (Jodeci. word? not without any Rae & Ghost in the mix buddy). Strangely, there isn’t a single Almighty RSO song on here. Go figure.

Tracklist after the Hard Knocks and Sir Mix-A-Lot vids, download here [Mediafire].

Note: The Cookie Crew and Two Kings in a Cipher songs are actually #9 and #8, respectively, in the sequence.


Who Deserves the Precious 5 Mics? []

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