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Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… x The Purple Tape x 16 Year Anniversary

“For real, it’s just slang rap democracy, here’s the policy, slide off the ring, plus the Wallabees.”—Raekwon (“Incarcerated Scarfaces”)

On August 1, 1995, the Purple Tape dropped. Needless to say, sixteen years later, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… remains one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time. Check that, one of the greatest albums of all time, period. [H/T UpNorthTrips]

All the videos from Raekwon’s masterpiece, “guest starring” Ghostface Killah, below.


VIDEO: Author Alvin Blanco Explains His New Wu-Tang Clan Biography

“Heaven & Hell”

“Glaciers of Ice”


“Ice Cream”

“Incarcerated Scarfaces”

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VIDEO: Ghostface Killah On VH1’s Mob Wives

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ghostface Killah on VH1’s Mob Wives. Yes, this really happened. Props to Ghost Deini for representing himself with class, sans any rapper on reality show coonery. Looks like he was getting styled by ‘mob wife’ Renee Graziano at the video shoot for Brit singer Josh Osho’s “Redemption Days.” 
That’s the yin and yang, nahmean? [Hat tip to Rap Radar]

via UpNorthTrips

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DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah “Together Baby”

The legendary Ghost Deini drops the first single, “Together Baby,” from his new album, The Apollo Kids, due in stores December 14. The sample is from “Together” by Philly Soul icons the Intruders. Yeah, my sample recognition game is supreme.

Can Tony Starks get some better album promotion, though?

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah “Together Baby” (Mediafire) [Hat tip to Nah Right]

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VIDEO: Ghostface Killah x Frank Dukes

Toronto based producer Frank Dukes won the Red Bull Big Tune 2009 contest and his prize was picking an A-list MC to work with of his choice. Naturally, he chose the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah.

Ghostface is also interviewed in these clips and unwittingly drops hilarious gems. A choice quote from the video below is when comparing beats to women he says, “Beats is like women, because you have to pick ’em…and you pick the ones that right for you…but now it’s how you ride that.” Or, “…he might be a good MC but at the music he chose…his girls is messed up.” Makes complete sense.

Also, Ghostface is rocking a rugby that says “Ghost” across the back. He won. [Spotted at Nah Right]

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RIP Melvin Bliss x Synthetic Substitution

Melvin Bliss passed away today. The man is responsible for “Synthetic Substitution,” easily one of the greatest and most prolifically sampled records ever. The list of Hip-Hop songs that straight ganked the “Substitution” break is extensive, so I’ll include only a handful of my favorites (De La Soul, Public Enemy, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah and Ultramagnetic MCs) below.

Worth noting, the great Bernard Purdie is the drummer on the record. A preview of a documentary Earl Holder and Peripheral Enterprises put together on Mr. Bliss after the vids. Rest In Peace.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Cuttin’ Headz” Produced by The RZA

De La Soul “Potholes In My Lawn” Produced by De La Soul & Prince Paul

Ghostface Killah “Mighty Healthy” Produced by Allah Mathematics

Ultramagnetic MCs “Ego Trippin’” Produced by Ced Gee and likely Paul C

Public Enemy Enemy “Don’t Believe Hype” Produced by The Bomb Squad

Melvin Bliss Documentary Trailer

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All The Wu-Massacre Collector’s Edition Covers

Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser...

All three covers have been revealed. The Wu-Massacre drops on March 30th. Though, Meth is already copping pleas. No shots.

Ghostface and Meth’s covers below. [Spotted at Rap Radar]


Vulture Visits the Set of Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface’s New Music Video [Vulture Blog]

Meth, Ghost & Rae Cover The Source [Nah Right]

Ghost Deini

John John

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VIDEO: The Wu-Tang Saga Trailer

That’s the most I’ve seen Cappadonna talk on any Wu-Tang Clan related trailer. Ahh, now it makes sense; it’s starring Cappadonna. See the cover below.

Certainly not the first Wu-Tang documentary. But the Clan is so deep—not to mention the recent success of Raekwon—that there are always going to be more stories to tell. The Wu-Tang Saga is due out February 25. [Peeped at Eskay’s Spot]

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The Wu-Massacre Trailer Part III

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about ““The Wu-Massacre” Trailer Part III | …“, posted with vodpod

The final wop and the trifecta is complete. Too bad the album got pushed back, though (now due February 9). “We reflect like the sky be blue true, Wu-Tang saga continue.”


The Wu-Massacre Trailer Part II + RZA x Supreme

The Wu-Massacre Trailer Part I

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VIDEO: Ghostface + Raekwon X “Criminology” X The Deal

So Raekwon and Ghostface came through Harlem to tape a couple of episodes of The Deal. We convinced RAGU to drop a couple of gems from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… and Ironman for the camera. Here’s some of “Criminology.”

Our soundman Chris came through with the Flip, and I just had to upload this on the fly. Catch the full wop, along with “Daytona 500,” next week on The Deal. No comment on the 3AM time slot, I know.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II drops September 8, Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry drops September 29.

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Ghostface Killah: Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

The Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

The Wizard of Poetry Album Cover

Yep, I still feel a ways about the blatant misspelling of “Ghost Deini.” Oh well. Bet Ghost is happy he doesn’t have any Timbaland tracks. Album drops September 29.

Video for “Baby” below, larger pic after the break

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ghostface Killah X Wizard of Poetry Sampler

Raekwon “House of Flying Daggers” Video

Ghostface Says Jay-Z Ruined “She’s A Killer” [Rap Radar]

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