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DOWNLOAD: LEP Bogus Boys “Don’t Feed Da Killaz 3” Mixtape

Count and Moonie bring authentic street Hip-Hop direct from the South Side of Chicago. Respect these Low End Professionals.

Video clip for “Don’t Feed The Killaz” above, link to the DJ Drama hosted mixtape below. The rest of their ill visuals after.

LEP Bogus Boys Don’t Feed Da Killaz 3 Mixtape | Mediafire


“Trading Places”

“Going In For The Kill”

“Chicago Niggaz”


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VIDEO: RUN-DMC “Beats to the Rhyme” x RIP JAM MASTER JAY

Run-DMC had a lot of great records. But “Beats to the Rhyme” from their Tougher Than Leather album is one of my favorites. Run and DMC rocking the mic while the late great Jam Master Jay cuts up “Nautilus” by Bob James something crazy. I’m pretty sure the crew from Hollis performed “Beats to the Rhyme” on Saturday Night Live in 1986 but that clip isn’t on the Internets at the moment. Video from Arista above, and performing at the world famous Apollo below.

RIP JAM MASTER JAY (1-/21/1965 – 10/30/2002)

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VIDEO: “The Walking Dead” Official Trailer

The AMC Channel’s The Walking Dead, based on the comic book of the same title, premieres Sunday and looks like it’s going to be official business. A zombie series on cable…let’s not muck this up.

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VIDEO: LeBron James “Rise” Nike Commercial

LeBron James addresses all his detractors in his new commercial, part of a multimedia campaign via Nike called “Rise.” Yes, it’s a display of brash ego. Kind of like when he elevates to throw down a rim cracking slam dunk.

Only winning a championship—multiple ones at that—will really gets the naysayers to shut their traps. But in the meanwhile this ad is well put together and entertaining. And since it features a cameo from Don Johnson aka Sonny Crockett (I am a Miami Vice junkie), it is a win.

Charles Barkley’s infamous “I Am Not a Role Model” ad, that LeBron’s new clip winks at, is below.

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Kanye West “Runaway” Film

The beats bang, though. [Shout to Blow Hip Hop TV]

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DOWNLOAD: The Wellington Papers “The New York Times” Mixtape

The homie HB Wellington slid me his new mixtape, The New York Times, from his The Wellington Papers collective with Lex Verlock. Read up on the collective here; download the mixtape here.

According to HB the music is a “blend of hip hop, punk, surf rock, ska, and dub influences.” Yep, and it’s all NYC bred. This is also where I mention HB is responsible for the production on Tony Yayo’s “I Know You Don’t Love Me.” Video for The Wellington Papers’ “Jackie” and “Berlin” below.

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VIDEO: Moleskine 2011 Collection of Diaries/Planners

Need a Moleskine sponsorship, desperately.

[Peeped at Selectism]

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VIDEO: Twista feat. Raekwon “The Heat”

Twista and the Chef over a soulful sonic platter from No ID and the Legendary Traxster. What’s not to appreciate? Not bad for an alleged G.O.O.D. Music reject. Twista’s new album, The Perfect Storm, hits stores November 9th.

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VIDEO: RZA, GZA & Bill Murray x Coffee and Cigarettes

“And you’re Bill Murray…Bill Groundhog Day, Ghostbusting ass Murray!”—GZA/Genius

“Are you a bug Bill Murray?”—RZA

Was reading a feature story on Bill Murray in GQ and his OG film Stripes happens on television at the moment—all which reminds me of the greatness of the above scene from Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes.

The conversation revolves around the RZA’s prowess with herbal medicine, Bill Murray experiencing delirium and the GZA decrying the effects of too much caffeine. It all makes perfect sense, really. Chill on the citric acid, ya know?

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VIDEO: Malice (The Clipse) – Excerpt #1 From Memoir

Malice of the Clipse—the Thornton brother not signed with G.O.O.D. Music, but just as nice—is releasing a memoir called Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked (see Revelation 3:17). Malice’s vlogs always entertain and in the powerful entry above he reads an excerpt from his tell all, due in stores…soon. [Hat tip to Karen Civil]

The Brothers Thornton

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