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Redman Covers the Sunday New York Times

Redman made the cover (ok, front page) of the Sunday New York Times (July 3). Not because of his talents as a rapper (that would have been epic). Not because he was latest rapper to commit some asinine crime (see: too many asinine rappers to name).

The criminally underrated Reggie Noble made the cover of the Grey Lady because has to go to PA to get fireworks for him and his kids, since NJ is one state where they are still banned, and thus loses out on tax revenue. [Spotted at my fron’t door and Rap Radar]

Said Mr. Noble:

“My father took me to buy fireworks, and now I’m doing it for my kids,” said Reggie Noble, who was filling his cart with fireworks at the Phantom Fireworks in Easton one day this week. Mr. Noble, 41, who is better known as the rap artist Redman, said it did not make much sense that he cannot buy fireworks in New Jersey, where he lives.

“I can see the dangers they are trying to prevent, but it’s still happening,” he said. “I vote that they should lift it up.”

Yes, I subscribe to the Sunday Times; it means I don’t have to be troubled by their online firewall. Get this, I still subscribe to magazines, too.

All this also means that I have a reason to post the video for Redman’s “Can’t Wait.”

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VIDEO: Redman x Karmaloop: REDMANIA

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Redman is hilarious. Dude is sipping Four Loko out of a mug, riding a bike through the Karmaloop offices, playing dice and hollering at chicks on the customer service line; all during what is supposed to be a typical work day.

Redman can rap too. The Jersey MC’s seventh album, Reggie, is in stores right now. Not as good a record as Reggie Noble is capable of, but it still has joints (see: “Tiger Style Crane, “Rockin’ Wit Da Best” and “Full Nelson”).


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VIDEO: Redman – Lookin’ Fly

“When I’m on a mission I rock a black leather pea coat, press one button it turn to a speedboat/Hit Miami shore from Puerto Rico, blow perico, son of a beach, yo.”—Redman

Redman gets busy over a fresh Michael Jackson flip—actually, it samples The Jackson’s “This Place Hotel” from their Triumph (1980) album. People mistakenly call it “Heartbreak Hotel” (it is the song’s original title) but unfortunately Elvis Presley’s folks were having none of that. The video, directed by Dan the Man, pays homage to Jackson’s “Rock With You” video.

In a perfect world “Lookin’ Fly” would get as much burn on your allegedly “Hip-Hop” radio station as any new jack rapper. But alas, Funk Doctor Spot isn’t the right age (his debut Whut? Thee Album dropped way back in 1992) and he actually prefers rapping over singing.

Too bad a gang of classic albums (if Muddy Waters or Blackout! (with Method Man) isn’t in your collection, you’re losing) and consistently insane verses don’t count for much (If I had to pick one song that represents Red skills with words, “Pick It Up.” Wait, “Funkorama” too, see below).

Red’s much delayed, seventh album is now called Reggie, dropping on…your guess is as good as mine. [Propers to OnSmash]

“Pick It Up” Muddy Waters (1996)

“Funkorama” Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation (1996)

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Method Man & Redman Review (

“In a young man’s game, the middle-aged MCs have forged an album that reflects their belief that skills will always trump bells and whistles. Don’t mistake it for complacency—blame it on consistency. BO2 passes the smell test.”

Got to review Method Man and Redman’s Blackout! 2 for and I was impressed.

But hey, who reads reviews nowadays anyway?

On a related note, much has been said lately about Joe Budden going at Method Man over Vibe’s bracketology. Really, it’s the same shtick Jump Off is known for; talk slick over the Internet, act suprised people took his words out of context, then feign like he’ll be taking the high road.

Whether you think Method Man is that deal or, like Funkmaster Flex, think that he is overrated, when comparing the gamut of their respective careers, Budden has a LONG way to go [II] before he’ll be in Meth’s league.

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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