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Kanye Is A Whiny Bitch Tee



I’ve been over my qualms with Kanye West and his malarkey for a long while now. For one, there really is no point in stressing another grown mans’n’ems antics. And for deuce, all I really care for when it pertains to the dude is his beats (they pretty much always bang) and bars (peep his verse on Cudi’s “Make Her Say” (below) or the two (maybe three) on “Gone” (shout to BK Cyph who I discussed that with) from Late Registration).

In fact, Martin Louis the King Jr. [ugh] is one of the few mainstream artists that obviously takes the time to think about what he’s saying in his verses before he throws them out there. But, the point of this post is that the heads at Freshjive are about to win with their Kanye is a Whiny Bitch tee. With all the folks dedicated to disliking Yeezy, it’s a can’t lose design. [Peeped at C to the JL]

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