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Pauly D x Dirty Sneakers x Formula 409

#1. “I’m over here trying to clean my sneakers. I can’t concentrate. All this fighting…like, they’re talking about f**king relationships, my sneakers are dirty!”—Pauly D

#2. Pauly D, of The Jersey Shore infamy, is using Formula 409 to clean his kicks.

Salute that man.

How To Dress Like The Situation & Pauly D From Jersey Shore [Complex]

Pauly D Admits To Owning More Than $30,000 In Sneakers [Celebrific]

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  2. Not sure why pauly n ronnie r using 409 on their shoes. That stuff will EAT away at the color and turn it yellow just like bleach does. Buy actual cleaner from the store that is made for that very thing and doesnt have anything that will strip the color away from the shoe. I would think people as cool as Pauly and Ronnie would know that. It’s sneaker cleaning 101

    Comment by Muilisx | October 17, 2015

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