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Radio Raheem X Love & Hate X Robert Mitchum?

Who says the Internets can’t be educational? The homie Chuck Creekmur mentioned something about love = hate via Twitter and it motivated me look up Radio Raheem’s Love vs. Hate monologue from Do The Right Thing. Spike Lee got the NYC establishment’s panties in a bunch when he dropped this wonderful flick in ’89. I love the movie but ’til this day I can’t bear to watch its final 10-15 minutes. I won’t drop any spoilers but if for some odd reason you haven’t seen it; what are you thinking?

Oh yeah, the educational aspect of the above clip… I had no idea Spike ripped the concept from The Night of the Hunter. Might be worth checking out. Radio!

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  1. Night of the Hunter=great flick. Rented that on VHS back in college. Not sure if its on DVD, but if it is you need to Netflix. Mitchum gets my vote for GOAT “bad guy” actor. Watch him in the original Cape Fear and then watch Deniro’s lame ’90s version to see what I mean.

    Comment by Jesse Serwer | April 2, 2009

  2. NO israel = NO WAR

    Comment by رامیم | February 9, 2010

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