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VIDEO: Streets Buchanon “Different Over Here” f/ U-N-I, Lex One, BK Cyph

The homie, and fellow Air Jordan aficionado, BK Cyph is in his first video—so you know this was getting posted. The fact that the song is tough doesn’t hurt either. Shout out to “The Deputy.”

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U-N-I’s A Love Supreme (FREE)



I’ve been digging these U-N-I cats out of Cali for a long minute now [II]. After listening to Thurzday and Y.O.’s music you can readily tell they’re official Hip-Hop purists. But rather than beating you over the head about why they’re so good (well, not too much), they let their music speak for themselves.

You can download their A Love Supreme project with producer Ro Blvd right here (via Do yourself a favor and go find their first album, Fried Chicken & Watermelon (2007). Hope they don’t get too mad at me for sharing my favorite track off that project, “The Show 2007,” below. Any group that can point the origin of their name to a Roots song (“UNIverse at War” f/ Common) is good money with me.

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