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VIDEO: Esurance $522 Bucks Commercial

Now this, is funny. Whoever created this ad for Esurance is either a slang head or up on Urban Dictionary heavy. Don’t forget “ducats,” though. But the win is: “Simoleans!”

On a semi-tangent, the clip reminded me of old Tommy Boy rap act Phase ‘N Rhythm. Their joint “Swollen Pockets” used to get burn and its video (below) can be seen via the magic of YouTube.

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Fat Man Scoop, and Wifey, Talk Sex

I can still remember when I first noticed Fat Man Scoop on the back of OG issues of The Source in those Tommy Boy Records ads on the backpage. Scoop stays with a hustle whether it was promoting records for Tommy Boy, being a radio host on Hot 97 or rocking those Av8 break records enough [Fat Man Scoop f/ Crooklyn Clan “Be Faithful”] to go #1 in the UK and nab more Grammy’s than most rappers will ever see.

The sexually themed video talk show—think, Sex Ed for Grown Folk—he hosts with his wife, Shanda, was pretty entertaining when I caught it on MTV a while back. Good to see the couple try their hand at a daytime look with “Scoop and Shanda.” Who says Holy Matrimony ain’t Hip-Hop?

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