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Bronx Bombing: Cope2 x Shepard Fairey

Umm, last I heard, King Cope was from The Bronx, not Brooklyn as Hypebeast will have you believe.

Anyway, Cope2 and Shepard Fairey (who is in town prepping an exhibition at Deitch Projects) connected to drop a mural in the Boogie Down that combines both of the renowned artists’ aesthetics. Must go see this for myself sooner than later. More pics after the video of this event below (by EWOK 5MH via Animal NY) and the break. [Checked at Hypebeast]


Bombin’ Atomically: COPE2 & KET vs. NYPD

Shepard Fairey, Cope2

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Barack Obama Gear, Good and Bad

Be the change...

Be the change...

Call it inspiration, or a means to get paid—or in legal trouble (ask Shepard Fairy)—but Barack Obama inspired a smorgasbord of graphic designs that screen printed their way onto clothing. What better way to put people on notice as to your political allegiances than an image on a t-shirt/sweatshirt?

At times the Obama inspired gear was creative. I dig the US Currency line’s King Obama sweatshirt below. An image of Brother Obama with a crown atop his dome is a great way to antagonize nitwits spewing nonsense about the 44th US President being some type of fascist. [more after pic]

eat your heart out

eat your heart out

However, at other times, the Obama flavoring can be taken too far; becoming uninspired and trite. Case in point, this offering from Jeepney that co-opts a photo of Slick Rick… [more after pic]

Slick Rick should be mad...

Slick Rick should be mad...

Now this is just lame. Barack Obama isn’t a Hip-Hop President. He’s the President, period.

So it goes without saying that I have disdain for the “RUN DC” tee below. Come on, for real? [more after pic]


I love RUN-DMC as much as the next man. But chill.

obamaknockoutLet me end this with a hoodie I dig, and also happen to own. When wearing this I thoroughly enjoy the nods of approval I receive from pro-Obama heads and the looks of disdain I receive from people bitter that the good ol’ boy took an L last November.

Down goes McCain!

Down goes McCain!


Obama Art Website Gets Bound Up [Animal NY]

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