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Who Is S. Fresh? x Advertorial Fail

I’ve never heard S. Fresh’s music. But after this glitch in the Matrix was pointed out to me by a publicist I highly respect, listening to S. Fresh’s tunes isn’t at the top of my to do list.

Riddle me this, why in tarnation—I’ve been wanting to use “tarnation” in a post for a good while—would four outlets (,, and post the exact same, word for word “interview” on S. Fresh? Worse yet, none seemed to be bothered by this sentence (in the last “question”):

…thank you for your time and much congrats to your accomplishments thus far and best of luck to future adventures; did you have any last words you wanted to plug for the readers?

Pretty safe bet the phrase “to future adventures” should have been “in future endeavors.”

No shots, but this doesn’t pass the smell test. Better yet, next time, just place ADVERTORIAL in the title, or something. It’s just not the best of looks in journalistic circles to pass off stock content as being original. Okay, my Hip-Hop Internets ombudsman moment is a wrap.

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