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Luis Guzman x Rasta Monsta x How to Make It in America

“Rasta Monsta, tastes like fruit punch, pero spicy.” —Rene

Luis Guzman is frikkin’ hilarious. I’m still debating the merits of HBO’s How to Make It in America (suspect acting, a vanilla take on streetwear/fashion, etc.) but one of the show’s main draws is “Rene” as portrayed by Guzman. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the LES, Guzman is a perfect fit for the show, lending authenticity to his Rasta Monsta advocate/Dominican loan shark of a character.

Saying Guzman has an extensive acting resume is like saying Lil Wayne has dropped a couple of songs here and there. Revisit many a movie—Carlito’s Way, Boogie Nights— and you’ll be like, “Oh s**t, he was in that flick too?!”

But what makes Guzman possibly the coolest cat to ever rep the LES? He farms, cheese. That’s why you may have noticed him in those Cabot ads. Farming, son. It gets no realer.

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