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Barry Michael Cooper X Sean John Combs

Yo, I am so jealous of Barry Michael Cooper for this four part, Sean John Combs: Once Upon a Time in America interview he has with Sean “I refuse to call him Diddy so I’ll stick with Puffy” Combs. Three parts totaling about 25 minutes [Cooper’s YouTube account says it’s a 4-parter so I guess he hasn’t posted the 4th part yet].

Journalists rarely, if ever, get this type of access with an artist on Diddy’s level nowadays. “What? Oh, it’s for a cover story? Ok, you’ll get 12 minutes instead of 5. Don’t go over, thanks.” Therefore the write either pulls a Frank Sinatra has a Cold type mission or works with what he can scrape together from the chit chat. Usually it’s the latter.

For those unaware, Barry Michael Cooper is an OG writer; a true pioneer in the Hip-Hop Journalism game. Via his writing in the Village Voice he is famously credited with coining the phrase New Jack Swing—word to Teddy Riley—and wrote the screenplay for New Jack City (no Bow Wow). Cooper also wrote the screenplays for Above the Rim and Sugar Hill, and recently directed BET’s American Gangster episode on the infamous Larry Davis. In the interview with Diddy Puffy he gets the mogul to speak on everything from whether he gets enough credit for his production and the concept behind Ready to Die to working with Mary J. Blige and changing the way we listened to Hip-Hop. (via Hooked on the American Dream)

Part 2 [Shout out to Willie Burgers on 145th]

Part 3 [Yes, B.I.G. did get head in the studio—no, it wasn’t Lil’ Kim]

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