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VIDEO: Ab-Liva f/ Pusha T “Who’s Better”

There’s a certain language that rhymes spitters speak and recognize in other quality MCs. Listeners recognize it too and it’s an intangible quality that makes the Re-Up Gang (Malice, Pusha-T and Ab-Liva) one of my favorite groups.

Fine, plenty of artists—too many actually—try to relay cinema worthy tales of excess and outrageous drug dealing, but more often than not they come off flat and hackneyed in the process. More Splenda than fishscale. Clipse and Re-Up on the other hand have an uncanny knack for finding witty metaphors and clever turns of phrase that keep their rhymes sounding fresh. Also, those really paying attention will note that said music holds much more than coke tales and actually contains ample doses of reflection, rumination and righteousness amidst the bars and beats.

Plus, if you’re going to name your next mixtape Long Live the Cane, how can your team not be ill? All that is to say that this Ab-Liva joint called “Who’s Better” was a pleasant surprise on this post-Osama Bin Laden got murked day. Pusha-T on the hook, with no salmon colored garments in sight.  [Props to Mikey Fresh via Big Homie]

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Clipse X Kanye West X KAWS = “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

clipsekanyekawsSo today is the day Asher Roth drops and the Bawse hits stores tomorrow. All good but at noon I will be checking for this new record (“Kinda Like A Big Deal”) by the Brothers Thornton. It’s supposed to be released 4/20 at noon via their Play Cloths blog. They got artist KAWS on the cover art and sneaker hawker Kanye West in the mix.  New music from Malice and Pusha T soothes the soul I say. Suddenly I got the urge for a Coke… [Spotted at Hypebeast]

Kinda Like a Big Deal” (CDQ) [Via Low Key]


Clipse X Rick Rubin


Well damn… (via AllHipHop)


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Clipse X Rick Rubin

The Brothers Thornton

The Brothers Thornton

“Legendary producer Rick Rubin has been working on tracks for the Clipse’s long-awaited third album this month, the rap duo’s camp tells EW.”

Clipse making crack tracks with Rick “Joaquin Phoenix jacked my steez” Rubin? This is going to be ill. No doubt about it. (via Entertainment Weekly via Kris Ex, the Jedi Master)

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