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Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II – The Videos

Originally due in 2005, but not released until September 8, 2009, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, managed to live up to the hype. A loud minority cried foul at Raekwon rehashing the coke fueled tales of wanton criminality steeped in copious amounts slang that made the original a classic. Well duh, it was a sequel.

The Chef is releasing a Gold Deluxe Edition of OB4CL2 with six new songs and remixes, via iTunes, on August 17. You should have been playing the album already, anyway.

“New Wu” (OG video) — Produced by the RZA

“New Wu”

“Walk Wit’ Me” – Produced by Scram Jones

“Pyrex Vision”

“Surgical Gloves” – Produced by The Alchemist

“Canal Street” — Produced by Ice Water Productions

“Catalina” — Produced by Dr. Dre & Mark Batson


Raekwon “Travel Places” [The Smoking Section]

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The ‘Lo Lifestyle x Vintage Hip-Hop Videos

Taz best not give out his address…

“When I go bury me with the ‘Lo on.”—Raekwon “Iron Maiden” (Ghostface Killah’s Ironman)

The homie Dallas Penn dropped a post last week regarding Vado and his suspect Polo homage “Polo” [side note: is down and according to DP he is currently “unemployed by the internets,” this must be corrected, stat.]. I gotta agree with DP’s sentiment, I can’t rock with cats shilling for ‘Lo in rhyme form when you can tell the appreciation for the nuance of the Polo lifestyle just isn’t there. Really, any MC suddenly repping like they’re serious ‘Lo heads reeks of gimmickry unless they’re certified ‘Lo connossieurs; like say Thirstin Howl III, Meyhem Lauren or that kid Shakespeare the Great. ‘Nuff respect due to official Lo Life members past and present too.

But the point of my post is that I was reminded of a couple of OG Hip-Hop videos that truly repped the ‘Lo lifestyle: Zhigge’s “Rakin’ in the Dough” and “Toss It Up” (both produced by Salaam Remi) as well as KRS-1’s “Outta Here” (produced by DJ Premier). A special nod must be given to Wu-Tang Clan’s “Can It Be All So Simple” because—as the homie Rob Markman pointed out—Raekwon rocking the Snow Beach Polo jacket was truly epic.

I’m not going to even front like my ‘Lo pieces are that hardbody—I do got a few gems in the stash, though—but I’m an appreciator of the lifestyle. There’s something to be said when ‘Lo heads check each other’s gear and give appreciative head nods—pause—out of respect. It’s a mutual understanding that hearkens back to an era when the quality of your gear was first and foremost (think: Coca-Cola gear, North Face shells with Gore-Tex, Vasque boots, etc.). Pandering to the Hip-Hop generation with baggy cuts and too loud logos? Nah, hold that. We’ll keep gravitating to fly fashion that probably wasn’t intended for us to begin with, flip it, and have the establishment racing to catch up. It’s the Hip-Hop way.

And I’ll always have more ‘Lo than my bro-hims Vaughn C and DJ Maestro, mentally.

Zhigge “Toss It Up” Quality (image wise) of the vid is wack but (Added a better version) some classic pieces are seen in there.

Zhigge “Rakin’ In the Dough” – “…but did you know, the mall was closed/So I spin into Macy’s and get some Guess and Polo…” True.

Had to add the “Uptown Bounce” version, which is better quality anyway.

KRS-One “Outta Here” – Sun (sic) with the green rugby was winning.

Wu-Tang Clan “Can It Be All So Simple”


Grand Puba Ft Mary J Blige – “Whats The 411 (Live)” – “Polo the top gear…” raps Puba. The Alpine Polo rugby is timeless. Mary J’s Cross Colours outfit, not so much.

The Baby Polo Mansion Pt. 1 – When your pops is Thirstin Howl III your Polo game is proper since birth, literally.

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DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Cocainism Vol 2 Mixtape

Shallah Raekwon hooked up with and cooked up a new mixtape called Brinks Boyz Presents: Cocainism Vol 2. The Chef’s next proper solo, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is due in September. Hmm, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was the title of the RZA-less album Rae and Ghostface mentioned when chastising 8 Diagram’s production a few years back. Guess that’s water under the bridge.

Beats courtesy of Alchemist, DJ Scratch, EZ Elpee and Ultimate Beats & Breaks. Coke rap for everybody.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon Brinks Boyz Presents: Cocainism Vol 2 | Mediafire


Nas On OB4CL 2 (Video) [2DopeBoyz]

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VIDEO: Capone-N-Noreaga “The Reserves” f/ Raekwon

Was snoozing on this one. Nothing too crazy about the vid (directed by Janelle Abraham) but worth watching to see NORE rocking a Carharrt in one scene, then rocking a fur in the next cut. And of course, it helps that the song bangs (produced by The Bizness); Shallah Raekwon on the hook. From CNN’s The War Report 2: Report the War dropping July 13.

Someone get CNN a legit, non-MySpace site, please. Hope they come close to the raw quality of The War Report, a classic in many eyes. Wish they could go back and make a video for “Stick You.”


Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Faith Evans – Hood Pride [Nah Right]

CNN’s Press Conference [Rap Radar]

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VIDEO: Shallah Raekwon “Canal Street”

The Chef finally drops the full serving of “Canal Street” from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. The saga continues…Wu-Tang.

And below, Wu-TangWu-Massacre is for the children…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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VIDEO: Method Man + Raekwon + Ghostface – “Our Dreams”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

About time. Meth, Rae & Ghost’s “Our Dreams” video, directed by Rik Cordero. RIP Michael Jackson. [Courtesy of Three/21 Media]

Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser...

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Raekwon “Flawless Crowns/Range Rover” Vinyl + Download

Raekwon "Flawless Crowns" 7"

Raekwon’s “Flawless Crowns,” produced by Mondee, gets the vinyl treatment. Not sure if it spins at 33 1/3 or 45, but only 300 of these purple joints have been made.

Another unreleased/mixtape gem called “Range Rover” is on the b-side. Available at Boundless NY. Make your Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II cipher complete with this high powered money. [Peeped at Freshness Mag]

Download “Flawless Crowns” [Mediafire courtesy of 2DopeBoyz]

Download “Range Rover” [Usershare courtesy of Kevin Nottingham]

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All The Wu-Massacre Collector’s Edition Covers

Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser...

All three covers have been revealed. The Wu-Massacre drops on March 30th. Though, Meth is already copping pleas. No shots.

Ghostface and Meth’s covers below. [Spotted at Rap Radar]


Vulture Visits the Set of Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface’s New Music Video [Vulture Blog]

Meth, Ghost & Rae Cover The Source [Nah Right]

Ghost Deini

John John

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VIDEO: Raekwon “Canal Street”

Clip for track #13 off that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. You already know; even if it is a damn “trailer.” [Thanks to LaMarck Films]

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John Woo’s The Killer Goes Blu-Ray

John Woo’s Hong Kong cinema classic The Killer, starring the legendary Chow Yun-Fat, gets an official Blu-Ray release on March 30, 2010. That said, going to play Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… off of g.p. It’s time you retired that old VHS or DVD bootleg copy of the flick anyway.

Interestingly, Woo dedicated the film to Martin Scorcese. Suspect trailer above (just seems “off” without the kitschy English overdubs in the version of the film many saw first stateside), but a thorough clip that condenses the  dialogue RZA swiped for Raekwon’s masterpiece below, including “Rainy Dayz” (1:36) and ‘Wu-Gambinos” (0:13).

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