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Ghost Deini in Sound (UPDATED)

Radio stop frontin' on me.

Radio stop frontin' on me.

Ghostface f/ Novel “Message from Ghostface” [Via Nah Right]

“‘Cobra Clutch’ was abstract, an abstract joint. People get me twisted and sh*t. See I created a style when I did ‘Nutmeg’ and ‘One’ and all the other sh*t. I was in Africa and I was like, ‘Yo I’ma make a rhyme not meaning nothing.’  Just put words together but what the sentence might mean, might not got nothing to do for nothing. I did it on ‘Nutmeg’ and the first verse on ‘One’ and all the other sh*t. People started getting me confused. Like, ‘Damn I don’t know what he’s talking about.’ But it wasn’t meant for you to know what I was talking about cause it was just a style that I created. So people f*cked around and got caught. Yeah, I don’t know what he talking about and this and that and a third.”

Ghostface “Cobra Clutch”

I’ve interviewed and written about a gang of MC/rappers/idiots with deals over the years. One of my favs was this interview with Ghostface Killah for AllHipHop, where I nabbed the quote above from.

It wasn’t one of those interviews were I get deep into what makes Ghost tick, his demons or the reasoning behind his favorite colored paired Wallabees. Instead I went over some key tracks from Paisley Fontaine’s discography and asked him to detail the motivation behind each one. I think it came off pretty good. Pause.

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