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Moleskine Limited Edition Star Wars Pocket Diaries

Moleskines plus Star Wars. [Passes out.]

My favorite remnant of the analog writing days links up with the greatest sci-fi series, ever. Jar Jar Binks be damned. You can pre-order the two notebooks seen above, more to come, at Amazon. [Disturbance in the Force felt at High Snobiety]

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VIDEO: Moleskine 2011 Collection of Diaries/Planners

Need a Moleskine sponsorship, desperately.

[Peeped at Selectism]

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Moleskine Muses

Moleskine has been killing it with their latest releases, collaborations and super-exclusive notebooks. In an increasingly digital world, Moleskines’ notebooks are analog by nature—use one and you are physically writing, on paper—which is no doubt a reason for their popularity. I stay with a Moleskine (see pic above) and here are some releases from the last month I would gladly accept as a gift. Just saying.

Moleskine Passions Notebook Series

A collection of themed journals tailored for specific interests including music, film and wine. [Hypebeast]

Moleskine ‘MoMa Retrospective’ Tim Burton Notebook

Only way to get your hands on this special “MoMa Retrospective” notebook (a weekly planner) honoring Tim Burton’s was to be a MoMa VIP. **Must spend more time at the MoMa…** [Slam x Hype]

(capsule) x Moleskin Notebooks
Made only for (capsule) trade show exhibitors and members of its Advisory Board. (capsule) is a destination for esteemed designers and brands, but you don’t care, this notebook looks ill, and you want one. [High Snobiety]

Moleskine Color A Month Planner Set
January is a wrap but you still got February through December to use the rest of this set of Daily Planner notebooks. Gift box too. [Uncrate]

And lastly Jay Electronica’s “preview” video for “Dear Moleskine,” for obvious reasons.

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