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Mos Def Performs Madvillain’s “Accordion”

“Just keep an eye out, like ‘Aye aye Captain!'”

Mos Def performed “Accordion” from Madvillainy at that now infamous Chicago show were a MF DOOM doppelganger was running rampant.


By the way; “Living off borrowed time the clock ticks faster,” is one of the illest rhyme openers ever. [Peeped at Stones Throw]

As good a reason as any to post the official vid below.


Mos Def is MF DOOM Fan – Vol. 2

DOOM x Village Voice

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DOOM X Village Voice

Wack MCs, take me to your leader!

Wack MCs, take me to your leader!

Real nice MF DOOM DOOM feature in the Village Voice. Guess it was really him. Really, I just wanted an excuse to post Kausing Much Damage’s “Peachfuzz” clip below. Shout to Grand Puba on the vibes. Hmm, what did ever happen to Onyx The Birthstone Kid?

DOOM Laughs Last [via The Village Voice]

Also, here is the version of “Angeles” (pretty sure that’s how it’s spelled) that for some reason DOOM decided to add distracting ass drums to for the version (“Angelz”) on his Born Like This album that dropped 3/23. The album is damn good. But, I’ll have to get back to you on whether it’s touching my “all caps when you spell the name” fav: Madvillainy.

DOOM & Ghostface “Angeles”

KMD “Peachfuzz” Video


DOOM X Frolab Art Screen Print [via Street Level]

Ms Def Recited DOOM Verbatim [via Nah Right]

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