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Video: Vampire Weekend x RZA x Lil Jon

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Can’t say indie rockers Vampire Weekend is ever on any of my playlists, but I’m posting their “Giving Up the Gun” video since the RZA is in the clip.

Yep, Wu-Tang Clan’s the RZA as a chair umpire, dressed like a Matrix extra, at a tennis match. Why not? Jake Gyllenhaal and Lil Jon make cameos too. Wu-Tang branded tennis rackets anyone? [Spotted at Spinner]


Of RZA and Nut Huggers [The Rap Up]

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Rappers Still Shinin’…Barely

Sure about that?

Sure about that?

The recession is cramping the style of hip-hop artists and wannabes — many of whom are finding it difficult to afford the diamond-encrusted pendants and heavy gold chains they have long used to project an aura of outsized wealth.” —Michael Bustillo (Wall Street Journal)

So the Wall Street Journal, of all places, dropped a piece on the recession having an adverse effect on rapper’s jewelry. Seems like your fav ghetto griots have been forced to use lower grade diamonds or inferior ores. The horror.

Biz_MarkieBut really, for years now those in the know, or with common sense, have realized that all those shines these rappers are wearing are usually either borrowed or bootlegged.

And really, only rappers wear that gaudy ish. Okay, ball players do too. The irony is that these aforementioned groups of bejeweled individuals that take pride in looking ridiculous (peep Soulja Boy on The View for confirmation) stay getting robbed or extorted for all that bling. In the hood, you will rock expensive ish because you have enough clout that people won’t think about testing you. On the flip, buying your cred via a record deal makes you a tasty meal for the wolves. You’d think they would have figured it out by now.

And who is laughing at these cats, besides me and Gawker? The people with real wealth; as in tangible assets, like a home.

Funniest thing about the article, though— no doubt because of the WSJ’s style manual—is that whenever a rapper is mentioned their “government” name is also revealed. Lil Jon’s middle name is Mortimer. See, comedy.

I’m a diamond, you’re a cubic zirconia.” —Smooth B (Nice-N-Smooth)

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