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That is NOT XXL Magazine’s 2010 Freshman List

ya been had...

The Animal NY blog posted an alleged list of the XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class for 2010. [Full Disclosure: I’ve been freelancing for XXL magazine for 7+ years]. Not so fast.

Anyway, on first look the “letterhead” looked mad fraudulent. When I get any official correspondence from XXL it does not look anything like document above. So then I hit up XXL’s Deputy Editor Rob Markman with the link, asking if it was legit. Rob told me he’d hit me back with an official statement in few. He forwarded me the following e-mail which I copied and pasted below.

The above list isn’t bad per se (no Pac Div, though? blasphemy), but it’s a sham. No disrespect to the artists on said list.

Official Statement:
I’m writing from XXL to let you know the email about XXL’s 2010
Freshman Class
is a fake list that did not come from our magazine.

While we are flattered about the enthusiasm and heat The Freshman
Class generates,
this list did not come from XXL and was most likely created and leaked
by someone in hopes of boosting their career.

We are always on the lookout for the most promising artists who do, in
fact, make it into XXL.

The current issue of XXL (our double Dec/Jan 2010 issue with 50 Cent
on the cover) is on stands now.

Vanessa Satten
XXL Magazine

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Antenna Mag X Smart Design


I absolutely love Antenna Magazine. And I’m not saying that because I’ve been a contributor since it was founded a couple of years ago by the good Tony Gervino and Evan Gubernick. If you don’t believe me; I’m not the only one.

The glut of wack, suspect and plain inept rappers looking to get interviewed or reviewed makes writing about streetwear and design a welcome reprieve. Most of the what I’ve done for the mag is store profiles but for the Spring ’09 issue I interviewed and wrote a profile on the founders of Smart Design, an award winning industrial design house. It was definitely interesting to find out the the story behind that set of OXO products the wife and I—and surely millions of other wedding and housewarming gift registries—received a couple of years ago.

Smart Design posted the story as a link and PDF.

With the calamity in the publishing industry I’m hoping Antenna is able to weather the storm. Antenna is part of Harris Publications, which recently shuttered King Magazine and whose Executive Publisher, Johnathan Rheingold, recently resigned; depending on who you ask.

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