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Ray J X Sleazebag B-Rods

Now despite some people I’ve come to respect actually praising the merits of VH1’s latest hit reality vehicle, For the Love of Ray J, until last night I had only caught a couple of mind numbing scenes (one “contestant” was on the show sporting her wedding ring…WTF?). When sitting in front of the idiot box (does that term apply to flat screens?) you’re bound to catch a re-run and last night me and the wife watched the entire debut episode.

All I can say is that these tragic harlots are some of the most asinine examples of  “women” [do note the quotations, please] I have witnessed in my life. Keep in mind that I’m from The Bronx, graduated from UVA, technically work in the music business, and list other reality series like Flavor of Love, Charm School and even Sober House as guilty pleasures. All that is to say I’ve witnessed and known some trifling ass buzzards in my lifetime. But these b-rods—again, note who I am referring to before you call me sexist—on For the Love of Brandy’s Brother got them all beat. One did a split and was humping the floor, another one spoke like Mushmouth and this one looks like she’s steady smelling something funky.

All this is to say that Ray J is surely caking off the shows success. Ergo, the For the Love of Ray J (The Soundtrack) the Kardashian poker speaks on in the above video. [via Koch Records]

Do I want to watch this show and catch up with what I’ve missed so far? No. Will I? Probably.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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