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VIDEO: LeBron James “Rise” Nike Commercial

LeBron James addresses all his detractors in his new commercial, part of a multimedia campaign via Nike called “Rise.” Yes, it’s a display of brash ego. Kind of like when he elevates to throw down a rim cracking slam dunk.

Only winning a championship—multiple ones at that—will really gets the naysayers to shut their traps. But in the meanwhile this ad is well put together and entertaining. And since it features a cameo from Don Johnson aka Sonny Crockett (I am a Miami Vice junkie), it is a win.

Charles Barkley’s infamous “I Am Not a Role Model” ad, that LeBron’s new clip winks at, is below.

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Charles Barkley’s Taco Bell Commercials Suck, The OG Nike Ones Did Not

FACT: Watching the lame NBA Dunk contest, and most other All-Star festivities on TV, has made it clear; Charles Barkley’s Taco Bell commercials are God awful. [Side Note: Here that TB can help you lose weight? GTFOH.]

To his credit, The Round of Mound of Rebound’s T-Mobile commercials with Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard have been amusing. But Charles Barkley’s OG Nike commercials were classic material. With that in mind, watch some of the best below, if only to get that nasty Taco Bell visual out of your mind.

The infamous “I Am Not a Role Model” Commercial

Sir Charles  yams it on Godzilla. Of course.

For the Nike Air Force Max 180s, Chuck goes anime.

Charles Barkley + Humpty Hump = Harold Miner lost.

Never really liked this one, but Barkley as an opera singer is gold. Plus, it’s a commercial for the “Fab Five” Air Force Max.

Neneh Cherry raps #34’s praises.

David “Mr.” Robinson, and his flattop, chops it up with Barkley about fines.

Chuck D + Charles Barkley = a winner.

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