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VIDEO: RUN-DMC “Beats to the Rhyme” x RIP JAM MASTER JAY

Run-DMC had a lot of great records. But “Beats to the Rhyme” from their Tougher Than Leather album is one of my favorites. Run and DMC rocking the mic while the late great Jam Master Jay cuts up “Nautilus” by Bob James something crazy. I’m pretty sure the crew from Hollis performed “Beats to the Rhyme” on Saturday Night Live in 1986 but that clip isn’t on the Internets at the moment. Video from Arista above, and performing at the world famous Apollo below.

RIP JAM MASTER JAY (1-/21/1965 – 10/30/2002)

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RIP Jam Master Jay (1965-2002)

Rest in peace to Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. Seven years later and his untimely death still stings.

“Peter Piper” is incredible, “Jam Master Jay” is a Run-DMC classic (ask Nas). But my favorite song from the Hollis trio that features Jam Master Jay cutting and scratching (Bob James “Nautilus”) with finesse is “Beats to the Rhyme.” Makes Tougher Than Leather almost watchable.

Below, trailer for the 2 Turntables And A Microphone documentary about JMJ due out soon.


DJ Scratch Remembers Jam Master Jay [Nod Factor]

Jason Mizell

Jason William Mizell

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