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DOOM X Village Voice

Wack MCs, take me to your leader!

Wack MCs, take me to your leader!

Real nice MF DOOM DOOM feature in the Village Voice. Guess it was really him. Really, I just wanted an excuse to post Kausing Much Damage’s “Peachfuzz” clip below. Shout to Grand Puba on the vibes. Hmm, what did ever happen to Onyx The Birthstone Kid?

DOOM Laughs Last [via The Village Voice]

Also, here is the version of “Angeles” (pretty sure that’s how it’s spelled) that for some reason DOOM decided to add distracting ass drums to for the version (“Angelz”) on his Born Like This album that dropped 3/23. The album is damn good. But, I’ll have to get back to you on whether it’s touching my “all caps when you spell the name” fav: Madvillainy.

DOOM & Ghostface “Angeles”

KMD “Peachfuzz” Video


DOOM X Frolab Art Screen Print [via Street Level]

Ms Def Recited DOOM Verbatim [via Nah Right]

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Lost In NYC, Really?

Hannah Upp, Photo: NY Times

Hannah Upp, Photo: NY Times

While reading the NY Times story this past weekend about Emily Upp, the young schoolteacher who last year disappeared for a few weeks before turning up in the water off the Manhattan coast, I couldn’t help but think: “She doesn’t remember anything about walking into an Apple store to check her e-mail, having a convo with a classmate or swimming in the Hudson? Yeah, okay.” Seems like the folks over in NY Mag’s Daily Intel were equally skeptical.

Not that it isn’t possible she’s telling the truth—strange, WTF inducing happenings are what NYC is all about, imo—or that it was shoddy reporting (Maybe the latter because as Intel points out there were a lack of secondary quotes. But it’s a safe bet that the NY Times did their due diligence and at least tried.)

I will note the elephant in the room, though. Would this story have gotten as much press if say, Ms. Upp was a missing, young African-American woman? Or, would the plotholes in her story be as glossed over as they seem in her case? I really doubt it.

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The Alpha…

buggin' out

The kid, me, started a blog years back but I stopped posting after about a week. It was probably a result of my disdain for writers inserting themselves in stories—it can be done well, but rarely is—when in reality readers care about the subject, n0t the person writing the story. As a dude that can be humble with his pen skills to a fault, blogging seemed like an exercise in little substance and too much ego. But as I venture back into the freelance writing world heavy—long story you may have or not heard, though it’s still Gunshow for life (ask and I may tell you)—nowadays being a writer without a blog makes you a half step past a frikkin’ weirdo.

All that said, have patience with me as I figure out where this blog goes. What I know (Hip-Hop music, kicks, basketball, fresh dipped gear, gadgets and vinyl (as in 12″…umm, pause, just in case) should be a good place to start. -aqua

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