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Janet Jackson x Blender Magazine #1

RIP Blender Magazine. Long live Janet Jackson.

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Rare Joints: The Source Magazine – Mad Flavor Vol. 1

A compilation called Mad Flavor Volume One from The Source Magazine. Not to be confused with those The Source Presents Hip-Hop Hits albums, this promo only CD dropped circa 1991, packaged with an issue of mag. I can’t for the life of me remember which exact issue it was, though. Kept the CD in my files and thought I’d share.

Some familiar joints (2Pac “Words of Wisdom,” Del the Funky Homosapien “Dr. Bombay”), a few rarities (Hard Knocks was a duo out of The BX signed to Wild Pitch, Pretty Tone Capone was part of the infamous Azie Faison’s MobStyle rap group ) and some oddball picks (Jodeci. word? not without any Rae & Ghost in the mix buddy). Strangely, there isn’t a single Almighty RSO song on here. Go figure.

Tracklist after the Hard Knocks and Sir Mix-A-Lot vids, download here [Mediafire].

Note: The Cookie Crew and Two Kings in a Cipher songs are actually #9 and #8, respectively, in the sequence.


Who Deserves the Precious 5 Mics? []

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Cappadonna “’97 Mentality”

The Source Magazine - June 1997

Cappadonna “’97 Mentality” off that Wu-Tang Killa Bees compilation. This joint was always ill. Still is.

Produced by the RZA, ya know, the Wu-Tang Clan Abbot that Raekwon tells Vibe will not be contributing to his Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, due in September. Sigh.

Born is 9, and God is 7. You’re welcome if you never figured that out before.

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Blaze Magazine – The 50 Greatest MCs Ever!

Blaze Magazine (February 1999)

The late Blaze Magazine’s 50 Greatest MC’s list. Their Top 5, Dead or Alive, pre-millenium:

  1. Rakim
  2. KRS-1
  3. The Notorious B.I.G.
  4. Big Daddy Kane
  5. LL Cool J

No Eminem (it was 1999) and my personal fav, no Ghostface (pre-Supreme Clientele).

I distinctly remember feeling a ways when this issue dropped that neither Guru (RIP) nor Black Thought made the cut. And Pharaohe Monche should never be last on any MC list. The rest of the field after the vid (courtesy of Moblito’s, because I damn sure was not about to type all those names out.).

6.Kool G Rap


8.Slick Rick

9.Jay Z

10.Ice Cube

11.Grandmaster Caz

12.Chuck D


14.Melle Mel


16.Too Short

17.Kurtis Blow


19.Kool Moe Dee


21.Lauryn Hill



24.Busy Bee





29.The DOC

30.Kool Keith

31.Ice T


33.Dre (OutKast)

34.Doug E. Fresh

35.Grand Puba

36.Method Man

37.Snoop Dogg

38.Fresh Prince


40.Eazy E

41.MC Lyte

42.Busta Rhymes


44.Biz Markie

45.Ras Kass

46.Schooly D

47.Queen Latifah

48.Lord Finesse

49.MC Ren

50.Pharoahe Monch

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I Am NOT Hip-Hop |

Burger status.

Russell Simmons’ first Hip-Hop website venture lasted as long as the latest Internet MCs career, but its I Am Hip-Hop/I Am Not Hip-Hop ad campaign was official gristle. Rest In Peace

If you have time wade through (remarkably still up) for insight, amidst a LOT of vitriol, into the implosion of Urban websites in the early aughts. Mostly due to sites spending money like there was no tomorrow without any idea how they were actually going to turn a profit. Y’know, like the US economy.

Also, Dame Dash seems to always stay in the picture.

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Quiet Dog Bite Hard

Inspired by Up North Trips, a daily destination.


Mos Def x Palm Commercial

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