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VIDEO: ThunderCats Anime Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming ThunderCats reboot is #winning. As long as Panthro still sounds like a soul brother, I’m good.

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  2. hmm I Panthro has the guy from cowboy bebops head and a weird half balding george jefferson already looks crappy.I hope they keep him gritty and younger then Tigra like the original./I also hope rankin and Bass have some spirit in this at least to give Ted wolf his props for creating them.not sure I like EVERYTHING getting tuned up in anime-ish revamp.I love anime but some things are sacred to their look.The most fun aspect of Liono was being able to make fun of him and this one looks wayy to cool.guess i need an open mind.

    Comment by miles bannon | March 1, 2011

  3. I turned 6 years old all over again when I saw this. It’s like Kel and Orange soda. No matter how many times he has it, each time feels like the first time. There is no stopping Lion, stop it Mumm-ra! I hope they preserve the integrity. Yaa-know, having Tygra still be a HOOOOOO. In other news Warner is really winning aren’t they? First MMG now Thundercats I wonder what the stock price is looking like.

    Comment by Hymn | March 8, 2011

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