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VIDEO: D#ck sucking Eddie Long, YA WRONG!

For the record, that’s not my title. It is that of comedienne Cadillac Kimberly and her rant (vid above),  which  is epic-frikkin’-tastic, on the shenanigans of one Bishop Eddie Long,

Yeah yeah, innocent until proven guilty. Well—disregarding the allegations against him for the moment—Long posed and snapped pics of himself in front of a mirror, MySpace style, with spandex tees on like he was bootleg superhero. That ain’t kosher if you have a wife and four kids.. No disrespect if you are a member of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, but I would suggest y’all audit where your tithes have been going and properly vet Long’s replacement. If y’all even bother getting rid of this jabroni.

Now peep the video below, word to BMF. No one crooked man should have all that power.

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