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Guru + Gang Starr Videos: All Of Them

Guru  of Gang Starr passed away yesterday. So did part of my childhood.

Gang Starr, along with sizable doses of Native Tongue, BDP and Juice Crew music, was my perpetual soundtrack ever since I first peeped the visual for “Words I Manifest” on Video Music Box. There was no better and dependable place to go for that good ol’ NYC boom bap (even if Guru was from Boston and Premier is from Texas) than a Gang Starr record.

With that in mind, here is every Gang Starr, and Guru, video in chronological order. Pretty sure the good Dart Adams has this covered already, but so be it.

It’s a shame but Jadakiss was right; dead rappers get better promotion. Even GQ notes that he was “underrated.” It’s too bad that only after his death will Guru really get the credit that he is due. RIP Guru.

Gang Starr No More Mr. Nice Guy (Wild Pitch, 1989)

“Words I Manifest”


“Jazz Thing” – the video version appears on the Mo Better Blues Soundtrack (1991)

Step in the Arena (Chrysalis/EMI, 1991)

“Just To Get a Rep” – the video was directed by Fab 5 Freddy. people felt a ways when they copped the album and realized the video version had an extra verse.

“Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?” – this was “Just to Get a Rep’s” b-side.

“Love Sick”

“Step in the Arena” – See homie with the chain on his neck (no “Just to Get a Rep”) and bald head? That would be Melachi the Nutcracker.

Gang Starr Daily Operation (Chrysalis/EMI, 1992)

“Take It Personal” – “Rap is an art you can’t own no loops, it’s how you hook em up and the rhyme style troop.” = a Hip-Hop mantra.

“D.W.Y.C.K.” – this rocked the summer of 1992 and was “Take It Personal’s” b-side. It wouldn’t appear on an album until ’94’s Daily Operation.

“Ex Girl to the Next Girl”

“Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)” – this gem is from the Trespass Soundrack (1993).

Guru Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 (Chrysalis/EMI, 1993)

“Trust Me” f/ N’Dea Davenport

“Loungin'” f/ Donald Byrd – recognize, Donald Byrd has BEATS.

“Le Bien, Le Mal” – that would be featuring MC Solaar. not the guy who calls himself superproducer with no hits to his name.

“No Time To Play”

Gang Starr Hard to Earn (Chrysalis/EMI, 1994)

“Code of the Streets”

“Mass Appeal” – Premier is cutting up “Pass the Mic” by Da Youngstaz, in case you didn’t know.

“Suckas Need Bodyguards”

Guru Jazzmatazz, Vol 2: The New Reality (Chrysalis/EMI, 1994)

“What What You Say” f/ Chaka Khan


Gang Starr Moment of Truth (Noo Trybe/Virgin/EMI, 1998)

“Royalty” f/ K-Ci & JoJo – the record everyone looked at on paper and said “WTF” but still sounds great.

“You Know My Steez”

“Militia” f/ Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx

Gang Starr Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr (No Trybe/Virgin/EMI, 1999)

“Full Clip”

“Discipline” f/ Total

Guru Jazzmataz, Vol. 3: Street Soul (Virgin, 2000)

“Keep Your Worries” f/ Angie Stone – that’s DJ Scratch in the video. Also, my fav track on this album was “Certified” featuring Bilal and produced by Jay Dee/J. Dilla.

“Supa Love” f/ Kelis

Gang Starr The Ownerz (Virgin, 2003)


“Rite Where U Stand”

“Nice Girl, Wrong Place”

“Same Team, No Games”

Guru Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures (7 Grand, 2005)

“Hood Dreamin”

Guru Jazzmatazz, Vol. 4: The Hip-Hop Jazz Messanger: Back to the Future (7 Grand, 2007)

“State of Clarity” f/ Common

“Cuz I’m Jazzy” f/ Slum Village

Guru 8.0: Lost & Found (7 Grand, 2009)

“Divine Rule” – Sigh.

Let me know if I missed any…


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  5. Great post! About someone missing, I remember a video for Check the technique. Thanks!

    Comment by PAS | April 22, 2010

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  10. Neneh Cherry featuring Gang Starr what??

    Comment by hXc | April 30, 2010

  11. hXx, these are strictly Gang Starr/Guru song. not songs they make guest appearances on.

    Comment by aqua | April 30, 2010

  12. How To Know If You’re Compatible?

    Comment by Stine | May 19, 2010

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  14. i got a question. theres a video, (or maybe an interview, I’m not so sure) where guru sprays a little graffitti on a wall. his head actually, like a caricature, it just takes a couple of seconds. I cant find that scene anymore. would be really nice if someone can reply to this. peace

    Comment by thomas | January 9, 2012

  15. Hey thank you for posting these. I had the great honor of being the A&R guy who brought Kieth and Chris to Chrysalis Records as my first signing. Honestly, coming from being a journalist covering Hip Hop for the L.A.Times, and underground DJ, it was a no-brainer… though it made me look like a genius to the UK execs who were trying to get their Chrysalis label out of the Pat Benatar era. i am a white guy but I can tell you that for me Black music and culture is truly America’s greatest treasure. Certainly for me, I can’t imagine my life without it. I still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to have a small part in it’s evolution and dissemination. I am genuinely humbled by that.

    That was in 1990. Now that rap has become THE single dominant youth culture globally, I am even more am in awe of these guys and their creation. Whether it originated at Queen’s Bridge or the South Bronx, this magnificent flowering of beauty, culture, and human expression called Hip Hop has literally saved the lives of a generation of youths for whom there would otherwise be nothing to expect from this world but alienation and contempt from the so-called political and cultural mainstream.

    They would have us believe that to live outside this fake “mainstream” is to be invisible… to not really even exist. Rap showed that THAT world is the illusion, and that the vision of Hip Hop culture is the reflection of the true realities of our sometimes-sad little globe.

    Yeah… be proud and know that YOU FUCKING EXIST young brothers and sisters. And maybe soon, thanks to you, and to our ability to “stand on the shoulders” of the Hip Hop culture giants … this fake-ass “mainstream”, and all it’s maintainers and supporters, will be consigned to the kind of oblivion upon which we can look down, spit a good wad out, and smile with pride as we move to create our future.

    Peace… Duff Marlowe

    PS Thanks MIA for making my Super Bowl Sunday a thing of beauty!

    Comment by Duff Marlowe | February 15, 2012

  16. Guru was one of the best of all time*rest. In peace guru

    Comment by zack | January 27, 2013

  17. no video for above the clouds?

    Comment by marc | August 28, 2013

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