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Gay Rappers Bouncing in the Big Easy

Big Freeda, Katey Red

Vanity Fair, of all places, drops an interesting post on “Sissy Bounce.” Long story short; men in drag getting their rhyme on. Or, as OG sissy bouncer Katey Red, the piece’s focuses, says; “It’s Bounce music. It’s just sissies doing it.”

Bounce music is its own animal but the musical form that originated in the Big Easy takes plenty of cues from Hip-Hop. Check the Show Boys’ “Drag Rap” aka Triggerman for the precursor to the hyper, call and response infused music.

Considering MC imposters have been getting on the mic for years, why not let heads from the LGBT posse show their skills? People will say due to Hip-Hop’s penchant for homophobia that this movement won’t get much traction. While that is a valid point, consider how many of Hip-Hop’s behind the scenes players are gay (usually closeted) and sprinkle in some progressive acceptance, and it’s not that unfathomable.

Ultimately it comes down to the quality of the music. Then again, when a rapper like Wacka Flocka finds mild success by eschewing the English language, not even high standards are a prerequisite.

But really, everyone knows the gay rapper is [REDACTED].


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