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VIDEO: No Joke Stand Up or Roll Over

The key here is to patiently wait for the outlandish, yet comical, acts of bad rhyming to finish.

Funniest. Video. Ever.

No really. Like CB4 on steroids. All praises due to grime, and Wordsworth from Heathcliff. [Spotted at Different Kitchen]

More shenanigans from these blokes below.

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J. Cole Covers The Source Magazine


So much for sharing that XXL cover. Roc Nation artist J. Cole covers the April/May issue of The Source Magazine. Not a bad look for a new jack with no album.

J. Cole is nice with the words and verbs, though.

Props to the stylist who gassed him into wearing that jacket. No shots. Video of “A Star is Born” peformance in NC below via Nah Right.


J. Cole on Beats

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