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Gumsole Beatdowns x Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock” x “Space Dust”

Hov, Clue, Snoop

Like I said on Twitter, Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock” sounds better with every listen. Many quickly say, “That beat samples Rob Base’s ‘It Takes Two,'” but that’s technically wrong.

“I Wanna Rock” actually samples a song called “Space Dust” by the Galactic Force Band (GFB). The song originally appeared on GFB’s Spaced Out Disco (1978) album which featured disco covers of sci-fi movie theme songs including Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. DJs worth their Technics will recognize that the song appeared on Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 16. It was the third track on side B, immediately after Lynn Collin’s “Think (About It)”—which was produced by James Brown and is the prominent sample on Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock’s “It Takes Two.”

Also worth noting, at least for Roots fans, is that Dice Raw sampled “Space Dust” for his “A Thin Line (Between Raw & Jiggy)”; the lead single, from his debut album, Reclaiming the Dead, that you probably never heard.

Back to the point of this post; “I Wanna Rock’s” producer, Scoop DeVille, did his thing—adding chunky drums—while Snoop sounds like he hasn’t lost a step on the mic. With all the remixes—most recently the the Kings G-Mix featuring Jay-Z—and despite initially being released in November 2009, the song isn’t losing steam anytime soon.

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Robbin Hood Anthems Part Deux

run that

My esteemed colleague Jerry Barrow dropped a post called Ski Mask Way: Top 10 Robbin’ ‘Hood Anthems that noted his top 10 crime raps. Since rappers detailing robberies, whether real or imagined, are a Hip-Hop staple, I figured I’d list some of my favs that didn’t make the cut.

DJ Clue f/ OutKast, Killer Mike & Slim Calhoun
“Funkanella,” a track from a DJ Clue album from his days on Roc-a-Fella, featuring a then new jack MC once named Killer Mike who urged you to “Rob-a-fella.”

50 Cent “Ski Mask Way”
Fitty’s “How to Rob” may be the obvious pick, or even the recent “Crime Wave.” But “Ski Mask Way,” from The Massacre, maintains an eerie menace that makes it a jux kid’s anthem. No disrespect to Bad News, VA.

Nas “Thief’s Theme”
“Understandable smooth sh*t that murderers move with.” Nuff said. If Nas made more joints like this, the God’s Son’s status as an all time great wouldn’t be so shaky. Dope video too.

Raekwon “Incarcerated Scarfaces”
Not necessarily a rhyme about crime, but come on, yo! Peep this line: “For real it’s just slang rap democracy, here’s the policy, slide off the ring, plus the wallabees.” One of the greatest Hip-Hop beats, ever. Thank the RZA.

Busta Rhymes f/ Ghostface, Raekwon & Roc Marciano “The Heist”
A thoroughly slept on and criminally underrated album cut from Busta Rhymes’ Genesis album. Ghostface and Raekwon, along with the good Roc Marciano, aid Busta in the verbal crime spree, all over an illy Large Professor track.

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LOST in 8:15

Sayid goes Judas?

Like the vid’s title, everything you need to know about the first 5 seasons of Lost in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. February 2nd can’t get here soon enough. “Brotha” Desmond is the man. Kate is still hella annoying. [Checked at Gawker]


What Clues Are Hidden In The Lost Supper? [io9]

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The Complete Darth Vader

The Dark Side is the best, for real.

“The Force is with you young Skywalker. But you’re not a Jedi yet.” —Darth Vader

Star Wars: The Complete Vader, a hardcover, is available. Everything you wanted to know about your favorite Sith in 192 pages. All too easy. [Spotted at Uncrate]

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