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The Clipse Go Apartment Hunting in NYC

We're not you...

The Clipse recently went apartment hunting in NYC and New York Magazine went along with them. Choice quote from Malice after checking out Spike Lee’s old Fort Greene digs on sale for 2.7 mil:

“My crib bigger than this,” he says, “and you ain’t getting robbed outside.”

Also found this one amusing; check the bold:

Spencer introduces them to another broker and her spiel — “lava-stone countertops, sub-zero refrigerator, and there’s a farmer’s market in the neighborhood twice a week” — has at least Malice, who cooks, engaged.

Ahem, surely the author was referring to food, not that white stuff. Definitely feel a ways that I didn’t get to write this. [Spotted at Vulture Blog]

Below, vid of Clipse on ABC News with Charles Gibson on the intro. Yes, you read that right.

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