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Barack Obama Gear, Good and Bad

Be the change...

Be the change...

Call it inspiration, or a means to get paid—or in legal trouble (ask Shepard Fairy)—but Barack Obama inspired a smorgasbord of graphic designs that screen printed their way onto clothing. What better way to put people on notice as to your political allegiances than an image on a t-shirt/sweatshirt?

At times the Obama inspired gear was creative. I dig the US Currency line’s King Obama sweatshirt below. An image of Brother Obama with a crown atop his dome is a great way to antagonize nitwits spewing nonsense about the 44th US President being some type of fascist. [more after pic]

eat your heart out

eat your heart out

However, at other times, the Obama flavoring can be taken too far; becoming uninspired and trite. Case in point, this offering from Jeepney that co-opts a photo of Slick Rick… [more after pic]

Slick Rick should be mad...

Slick Rick should be mad...

Now this is just lame. Barack Obama isn’t a Hip-Hop President. He’s the President, period.

So it goes without saying that I have disdain for the “RUN DC” tee below. Come on, for real? [more after pic]


I love RUN-DMC as much as the next man. But chill.

obamaknockoutLet me end this with a hoodie I dig, and also happen to own. When wearing this I thoroughly enjoy the nods of approval I receive from pro-Obama heads and the looks of disdain I receive from people bitter that the good ol’ boy took an L last November.

Down goes McCain!

Down goes McCain!


Obama Art Website Gets Bound Up [Animal NY]

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