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The Warriors: Street Brawl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dude in the video is Jeff Dickson, a producer at Paramount, the people putting out a new video game called The Warriors: Street Brawl. The important point here is that said video game is based on The Warriors, the best Hip-Hop movie with no actual Hip-Hop in it, ever.

The Warriors: Street Brawl is a side scroller, unlike the open ended The Warriors video game that Rockstar dropped a few years back. Only 10 beans and downloadable? I may have to cop a XBox 360 after all.

It’s been thirty years since the Walter Hill directed film this new video game is based on premiered. Along my ability to quote the entire film verbatim I have plenty to say on this topic. However, I wrote an essay on this subject for the fall issue of Antenna Magazine, so I’ll hold off on another Why The Warriors is that deal spiel, for now. Hopefully the story made the cut and the mag will be on newsstands soon. Props for the Double Dragon mention too. Loved that game. [Peeped at G4 TV]


More after break…

What, you thought Diddy made that up?

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  1. Very nice effort on the game and nice price, too.

    This Sunday’s Simpsons repeat had a baby doing the bottle clink. Everyone bites on that scene.

    Comment by Evan (nerditry) | August 24, 2009

  2. That is a classic scene in all of movie history.

    Comment by Kevin L. Clark (Clark Kent) | August 24, 2009

  3. […] 2) The Warriors: […]

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