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G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s Set


Truth be told, I still feel a ways that Roadblock, one of the few African-American “Joes,” spoke in rhyme. However, G.I. Joe was still a after-school staple during my formative years. Besides Transformers and Thundercats, and Video Music Box, of course.

Therefore this G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s set will be at the top of many an 80’s baby’s wish lists. Besides every episode of the G.I. Joe cartoon spread out over 17 DVDs, the set includes the PSA’s [“And knowing is half the battle.”], a 1GB flash drive/dog-tag, a pair of comics and other goodies. All kept neatly in an Army green foot locker.

Hopefully being old enough to remember watching the cartoon on the television means you grew up and got a job. The set costs $145. [Spotted at Uncrate]


G.I Joe Resolute [Note: this is like G.I. Joe for adults; freshness.] [Hasbro]

10 Best & Worst Dressed G.I. Joe Action Figures [Street Level]

The First Real Look at G.I. Joe’s Metal Bad Boy [io9]

G.I. Joe Snake Eyes X New Era 59Fifty [The Smoking Section]

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  1. yo!
    I found MAD GI Joe toys when i went home final four weekend. I forgot i had the jet, the motorcycle with the gatling gun, the hovercraft, the -i dunno what its called but the jawn that was Joe and had skids like a helicopter but it was a jet and only sat one person…that ish was cool…

    i can’t wait…its like an adult childhood this summer!

    Comment by brook | August 5, 2009

  2. Let me know if you stumble across a bootleg set Uptown…Otherwise I’m going to have to shell out the cash for this one…

    Comment by MEmanuel | August 10, 2009

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