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Nike SB P-Rod III Commercial (Extended Version)

Love. This commercial.

As for Paul Rodriguez’s latest kicks, eh.

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Lasonic iPod Boombox

20 D batteries not necessary...

20 D batteries not necessary...

This iPod Boombox courtesy of Lasonic definitely brings back memories. The contraption lets you plug in just about any iPod and is available at Honeyee (which is in Japanese, so good luck with that.) It sports a built-in FM tuner and the 12 Watt speakers delivers respectable sound  but the ol’ skool ghetto blasters of the day delivered way more power. Still, not bad for about $170.

Growing up in The Bronx in the 80’s meant that hearing a ghetto blaster at all times of the day and night was a way of life. Great for me and my fast developing devotion to the sounds of BDP and PE. Not so much for the older heads requesting that infernal racket be lowered.

The question no one asks, though: How much did Duracell/Energizer/etc. make off of selling all those D batteries? Word to Radio Raheem.

While in college I snatched the old JVC my dad managed to keep in working condition. Like most radios of that time it featured a phono input which allowed me to plug in my mixer and get my skills up on the turntables. Still can’t believe I forgot to take it with me when I graduated and returned to NYC. [Spotted at Hypebeast]

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