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Don’t Free Max B

How much can I record before sentencing?

How much music can I record before sentencing?

So Max B a/k/a Wavy Crockett was found guilty of murder conspiracy and robbery charges today. It looks like Biggavelli will be facing life with his sentencing set for July 31. Max’s downfall, besides plotting to rob two dudes, which ended up with one of them getting murked, was his girlfriend dropping dime on his criminal enterprise, if you can call it that.

Okay, so homegirl is a snitch. Duh. That still doesn’t change the fact that everyone involved was in on getting someone killed. So all the “Free Max B!” chants that are sure to have already started are asinine. Hip-Hop listeners—I won’t say it’s a “Hip-Hop” thing, per se—are quick to be on some Free (insert incarcerated rapper’s name here) ish despite the said MC possessing dirtbag tendencies which determined his or her incarcerated fate.

foxy-brown-mug-shotTwo examples: Foxy Brown had anger management issues coupled with unmatched narcissism that made her think assaulting nail salon workers was all good while Remy Ma put two hot slugs in her homie’s gut over some allegedly missing cash. [more after vid]

Why all the glorification of degenerate behavior? People in the hood—or the world in general, really—have long had a fascination with the criminal element (think Menace II Society to The Godfather). Most people aren’t built to live a life a crime, so the next best thing to idolizing actual criminal masterminds is blindly adoring musicians who usually act out their own illicit fantasies via music.

Also, saying “Free Max B” makes for a nice catchphrase, which is too prevalent in Hip-Hop (i.e. Stop Snitching, Hip-Hop is Dead, Keep it Real, etc.) Either way; do the crime, do the time. Lastly, considering considering his commentary below and at Rap Radar, Max’s lawyer has failed.

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  1. I respect this post. If dude did the crime, he should do the time. Seems like his gf may have snitched on him but he’s stupid for boo-ing up a broad that he couldn’t be sure would have his back during the down times.

    Comment by ian | June 9, 2009

  2. yeah man. celebrity makes people think if the person does a crime, they are actually the victim or that “the man is trying to keep them down” gtfoh.

    Comment by Maurice Garland | June 9, 2009

  3. iono man, he didnt kill anyone, he wasnt there when it happened and no one knows how much he actually pushed these cats to go rob these other cats. plus it was apparently just supposed to be a robbery and the murder was some spur of the moment shit. for all we know he was like, “yeah those dudes got money” and everyone left with guns.

    Oh yeah, Free Max B

    Comment by Enig | June 10, 2009

  4. I wasn’t there so I can’t fully comment. But I’ve never understood how a co-defendant can testify against another Co-D in order to get a favorable sentence.

    Doesn’t seem like the best way to get to the truth if you ask me. Not saying that it absolves Max of any wrong doing, but given the proper motivation snitches will say anything for a less jail time.

    The system is far from perfect.

    Comment by bkcyph | June 11, 2009

  5. Yeah, I’m not sure if you made a point here. I’m not a Max B fan by any means (though I might use the occasional “wavy” to describe something), but I don’t follow where you’re going, as far as the evidence that was presented. I don’t know if he deserves life with the facts that we heard. And one person’s testimony doesn’t make something gospel.

    But still, nothing wrong with sharing your opinion on the internets.

    Comment by Mike Jordan | June 21, 2009

  6. fuck that, free max all day

    Comment by andre jenkins | July 27, 2009

  7. Thank god … this menace to society is off the street. Praying he get life.

    Comment by one less fool on the street | July 27, 2009

  8. Max B is a DEGENERATE with no redeeming qualities. First of all, he was a wack MC and secondly, he was a piece of trash human being. Hip-Hop and the human race are better off without him. And to all you Max B fans I guess your boy is going to be wavey goodbye. Get it? Wavey. Goodbye. LOL!

    Comment by Shareef Muhammad | August 1, 2009

  9. wow snitches should get snitches n maxy didnt do shit i wasnt there but still i believe his story he my nigga… let max b goooooooo damitt

    Comment by Claudia | August 2, 2009

  10. You niggas are Wack Max Is the breath of fresh air rap not hiphop has needed for a long time. This shit aint hiphop this is gangsta rap so if you aint gangsta dont comment. The wave is never over. Death to the informer. Free Max B he wasn’t even in the state when shit went down. He was in christy’s pussy when that shit went down. And Fuck jimmy.

    -Max Biggavelli Ooowwww….. she touched it in miami…

    Comment by Free Max B | August 4, 2009

  11. Max B “I gotta have it”

    Check out this old track where max talks about his “ride or die” bitch. Me and my Bitch ride out to My nigga Max every day i just hit the highway lean back get my noodle wet and ride the wave you know that (Check this track out)”Porno Music” Check out “Never wanna go Back ” To hear what my nigga Max was thinking in his last days while out on bail for murda.. This is real nigga music If you aint living the life stay out the loop Dont speak on it. Another hot track is “Bang Bang Boogie” Fuck you haters You cant stop the wave Max B Gaine Green ooowwwww………… and fuck this sight for postin some wack ass shit… Oowww….

    Comment by Free Max B | August 4, 2009

  12. Max didnt do shit

    That bitch was the foul one and setup the nigga she was fuckin with. She put Max into it because he cut her off. The only thing Max should be found guilty if anything is conspiracy to rob or something

    All that killing shit wasnt supposed to happen, so how the fuck they find him guilty on that?

    Max was found guilty cause of his image, he was out there wildin out with no consideration about the case, cause he honestly felt he had it beat.

    Why would Max down with Byrd Gang at the time rob somebody for 30k, come on now

    Comment by Wavy Crockett | August 5, 2009

  13. man fuck all yall hatin on ma boy max B FREEEE MA NiGGA MAX B

    Comment by wavie Palestinian | August 16, 2009

  14. I dont care if Charly killed cuz himself.

    FREE MAX. he was on the verge of bein a major icon in Hip Hop

    Comment by John Brown | October 3, 2009

  15. I dont respect this Post Fuck Every Body Free Max B You snitch ass faggots you dont wanna be like these fags that always wanna go by the law you dick heads free max B OWWWW!!!

    Comment by Max's Big fan (P) | November 2, 2009

  16. Fuck u bitch don’t post blogs on something you know nothing about


    Comment by Kaylan | November 25, 2009

  17. all yall can suck my dick! free max b’s wack ass nuts out yall mouth

    Comment by juju clap | March 13, 2010

  18. Dear Max B Fans,

    If you want to Seriously Free Max B now is your chance to show your love & support.

    We are urgently asking all Max B fans to show your support by sending dollars to his Legal Defense Fund.

    If you are unable to send a donation at this time. We are asking that you kindly forward this message to all of your friends on myspace.

    Lets spread the word & really Free Max B

    You can make the donation with paypal on The New Max B official page at
    or click the pay pal link please help max get bail he is lock up for a crime he did not do max was on his way to be one of the best artist in the game he was at the peck of his career
    Miss Sharon Wingate & Family

    Max B Granted Appeal For 75 Year Sentence
    March 20, 2010 01:03:00 PM CDT | by Krysten Hughes
    Yesterday, Max B was granted an appeal for his guilty conviction of a robbery which ended in a fatality. The Harlem rapper, who was sentenced to 75 years in prison, has hired new legal representation according to his manager Jolie O’Shay. “He’s gonna try hopefully to go back to trial, or get it a mistrial or get it time served, whatever we can do,” she said in an interview with XXL Magazine.

    The 2006 robbery, which occurred at a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel, also involved his then girlfriend, Gina Conway, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison and his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdamn who received a life term plus an additional 35 years.

    Prior to being sentenced to prison, Max B had signed a three album deal with Amalgam Digital in 2008 and was slated to release his debut album Vigilante Season which never dropped. He had a successful career through his affiliation with The Diplomats and co-wrote several songs including Jim Jones’ “We Fly High”.

    Max B’s manager says that he has high hopes for the appeal.

    Max B Biography With great musical talent comes great responsibility, and Harlem rapper Max B takes that charge with the utmost seriousness. In what many agree is an uninspired era in Hip Hop, the artist known as Bigavell brings authentic music of legendary proportions. “They need a powerful n***a again man,” Max observes. “Fall back and let a n***a like Biggavel come sweep the rest of this shit under the table.”

    The rap game’s Vigilante, Biggavel is capitalizing on his outlaw status to distribute justice across the board. Known for his unorthodox hooks, ferocious bars, and versatile flows, the gravely-voiced rapper is showcasing his all-around rap package to the hungry masses. Max B’s expressions, ad libs, and taste for Grand Cru have spawned countless imitators who are connoisseurs of the wave.

    A former stick up kid who spent nearly nine years of his life behind bars, Max B is currently out on a Hip Hop record-setting $1.5 million bail. Honing his rap skills while serving an eight-year bid from 1997 to 2005, Max would escape the bleak reality of prison life by smothering himself in music. It was behind the G wall that Biggavel perfected his craft, circulating tapes that became favorites throughout the penitentiary building.

    When Max B’s longtime friend and manager Mike Bruno passed a demo along to Diplomats member Jim Jones in 2005, a collaboration ensued that proved short-lived. As the streets concede, Max Biggavel was a dominant presence on every Jones project he touched. Max B’s contribution was evident on standout hits such as “G’s Up, Ho’s Down,” and ushered in a new era of prosperity for Jim Jones.

    Swiftly leaving a mark on the streets, the Byrd Gang was on a fast track to rap stardom before Max B was locked up on conspiracy charges and Stack Bundles was murdered. Back in the streets as of July 11, 2006, Biggavel returned to Byrd Gang for a brief period. Rap’s equivalent of Jason Kidd on the NBA courts, Max would raise the bar on every group project. “I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but anywhere on this planet I go, whoever f**k with me, is gonna become better. I bring the best out of people with my talent in a positive way.” After doing just that, Max B parted ways with Jim Jones on less than amicable terms, and Biggavel’s solo career was officially launched.

    Known for his prolific musical yield, Max B has delivered over 8 mixtapes of the highest caliber to the streets before having his official album out. Right before being imprisoned in 2006, Max dropped the Big Mike-cosigned Conspiracy Theory, the first part of his legendary Public Domain series and a certified hood classic. Along with his Million Dollar Baby series, Public Domain mixtapes are known to fly off shelves, crowd internet servers, and make heavyweights in the game take note of the wave. Max is currently gearing up to release Part III of the trinity, entitled Domain Pain: The Art of Lip Sangin.

    With a legion of followers behind him, rap’s renegade Biggavel is prepared to build a case for the late bloomers on why he encompasses the greatness of B.I.G., Jay Z, and Tupac. “I bring all three of them artists together- I’m that outstanding, I’m that swaggerific. I’m that hook man, I’m that wave man, I’m that 16 bar man, I’m that ghostwriter man, I’m the go to guy, I’m the guy that make your song sound like no other. Every song I make is fire, every one. I can’t say I’m all three of the greatest put together and then come with some bullshit. I gotta come with the superbness.”
    Write To Max B

    Charly Wingate
    SBI 904278D
    P.O. BOX 861 Trenton, N.J 08625

    Comment by devonta101 | March 23, 2010

  19. fuq all yaww hatin ass ni55az fr33 mah ni55a max
    all those fuqin snitchez kuld go tuhh hell kuz he wuz the best rapper

    Comment by shamekia | May 4, 2010

  20. lol da ratty ass bitch dat snitch is unlucky she only got 18 cuz da day she get out she gonna get shot up by max’s niggas no doubt

    Comment by free max b | July 11, 2010

  21. i frequent hair salons because i always want to keep my hair in top shape ,”*

    Comment by Electric Shower | November 17, 2010

  22. Charles Manson didn’t pull the trigger, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t responsible for the deaths of his victims. You idiots sadden me.

    Comment by John | January 12, 2011

  23. They need to free this man. This website actually makes me sick. Some one took the time and effort to slander this man. He is a talented artist and his case got screwed over due to a bozo lawyer. If this man is released he will do a lot of good for the community as he did in the past which was failed to be mentioned.

    Comment by Cas | January 14, 2011

  24. fuck this punk ass bitch for postin this u aint from da streets how would know how is it to live like that nigga…max b is a real nigga and free max b that nigga didnt wanna go back he aint do shit and ur ignorance wont help you in life patna trust me knowledge is the key and u have 2 see it in everyones point of view now u just playin it smart but u sound dumb like all the people who agrees with u but the thing is my talk wont change the fact that he is in jail and wont get out but imma puff my weed and pour my liquor for my nigga biggavel da boss don FREE MAX B

    Comment by CurtisJackson50 | February 4, 2011

  25. yo you obviously dont kno the facts of teh case max wasnt even there in the first pace and secodn of all max b brother confessed to it all and told teh court max didnt have nuthin to do with it get you rfacts straight then talk shit you half ass blog writing faggot

    Comment by jilla don | May 21, 2011

  26. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. Youve done an impressive job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

    Comment by Major Dandridge | September 7, 2011

  27. If you look at the in dept details regarding his case you’d see he is probably very very innocent. A homegirl didn’t snitch, SHE actually participated in the actual crime with other people that were not Mr.Wingate.

    Comment by LLSKTS | February 13, 2012

  28. max was set up. jim jones and french montana are in on it

    Comment by dsunn | February 29, 2012


    Comment by FISH STICKS | March 19, 2012

  30. Free MaX B, fuk these lip singin ass niggas stealin ur flowa while u sat down in the bin e.g. wizz, mac miller, no disrespect to them coz they ard, but MaX started that wave!!! Now stand th fuk up n pay homage to the silver surfer!!! About dont free max b NIGGA FUK U!!!!!! :@:@!

    Comment by Zykez | May 3, 2012

  31. Lock his black ass up for life… ignorant ass! And yes, I’M BLACK. Sick and tired of these ignorant ass niggas destroying everything that blacks worked so hard for in the 60’s and 70’s so we could at least stand a chance.

    Comment by RTEGOnline | September 10, 2012

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