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Rick Ross, Latest Hip-Hop Bootlegger


So the Bawse, Rick Ross, got called out by the powers that be at Louis Vuitton over those fraudulent specs he sported on his recent XXL Mag cover. Seeing that Ross initially and foolhardedly denied his past as a Correction Officer, the Internets is abuzz over his latest faux pas.

But really, Hip-Hop heads sporting bootleg gear isn’t anything new. O.G. rap fans will remember the infinite shout outs given to one Dapper Dan [via Iced Dot Com]; a Harlem clothing shop owner and designer infamous for his skill at creating Hip-Hop stylized takes on designer labels like Gucci, MCM or even Nike.

followtheleaderFor example, those track suits and jackets sported on the cover of some of your favorite Eric B & Rakim albums, were as counterfeit as the day is long.

Since then the Hip-Hop generation has flexed it tastemaker muscle with artists like Kanye West (Nike, Louis Vuitton) and Pharrell Williams (Louis Vuitton)—can’t forget grand Puba and the Tommy Hilfiger too—getting the official co-sign from and even producing sanctioned lines for some of these brands.

The beauty of Hip-Hop is taking some otherwise milquetoast product, putting our fresh stamp on it, and making it that much more desirable to the wannabes (read: mainstream) hawking our steez.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not giving the Bawse a pass on this one. Those frames were hella tacky looking anyway (there is only one Undisputed King of Cheap Sunglasses). And if you think that more rappers than not are rocking the genuine article as opposed to  Canal Street Specials, you’re lying to yourself.

That reminds of another of my greatest fashion peeves. The rocking of some grotesquely horrible piece of clothing with the wearer’s only defense for his suspect garb an excuse along the lines of, “But it’s Polo, yo.” Fugg outta here.

UPDATE: Rick Ross Explanation on Shades [via AllHipHop]

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  1. first the MCM jacket, now the LV shades. dude stay rocking the “custom” stuff. if he come out rocking some lime and orange Jordans tho…we gonna have to leave this cat behind.

    Comment by Maurice Garland | May 11, 2009

  2. Word, I gotta draw the line at the fugazi Jordans. That’s just taking it too far.

    Comment by aqua | May 11, 2009

  3. It’s sad hopefully ! The youth learn that it’s critical to keep it real ! A Real Boss would have some official tissue shades ! He is barking up the wrong tree anyways cause Shady?Aftermath will have a response due to his recent triads

    Comment by MillionDollaMindz | May 12, 2009

  4. These guys should open their own line of Cheap Sunglasses Online.

    Comment by John C | March 19, 2011

  5. want to join rick ross mayback music

    Comment by young | November 24, 2011

  6. […] Dan is famous for outfiting hustlers and rappers in expensive, and very fresh, bootlegs. No slander, it is what it is. He had to adapt when 5th Avenue was hating on his […]

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