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Big Ced is More Hip-Hop than You

Eminem "Slim Shady" Review in Blaze

Eminem Slim Shady Review in Blaze

It’s true. Big Ced, of the Industry C0sign and a whole lotta ish you can ask him about yourself, is more Hip-Hop than any of us. I first noted it when after every time I thought to myself, “Damn, that dude in MC Lyte’s ‘Paper Thin’ video looks just like Ced”—it turned out to be Ced (via Rocka Candy) after all.

Then when searching for my old Source 50th issue to scan its cover for a recent post, I came across my set of Blaze Magazine issues [semi-tangent: Aliya S. King relayed a great story involving Blaze right here). I’ve teased Cedric many times that I would get around to scanning his appearance in the aforementioned mag’s review section. Nah, he didn’t write a review, but his mug was used as the sections rating scale (large pic below). Pretty creative move on the late mag’s part, actually.

Ced Classics

Ced Classics

All this to say, Ced is more Hip-Hop than you, you, you and all the you in the back, and in the middle, and in the front. Word.

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